The Camden Green Party has pledged to give “power back to the people” and trial a “pioneering” basic income policy if successful at the polls on May 5.

Camden Greens have launched their manifesto, promising to be "fearless" in scrutinising the council.

Policies include the creation of a Resident Empowerment Fund will enable “community groups and residents to come up with alternative plans” for developments.

Cllr Lorna Jane Russell (Fortune Green) said: “This is a £100,000 fund which residents and community groups will be able to bid on to get external support when challenging or designing planning applications.

“We have been speaking to residents across lot of estates who are quite concerned about some of the plans that Camden has put forward, especially around West Kentish Town estate demolition plans. They feel that they didn’t really have an alternative choice.”

Cllr Russell said the party pledges to create more council-owned homes and make sure developers build more social housing.

“We have suggested a 65% of affordable housing in each development to make sure that they are adding to the existing council stock," she said.

The Welsh government has announced it is trialling a universal basic income scheme, and the Greens say a Camden trial would help households through the cost of living crisis.

The Greens also pledge to insulate council homes, community buildings and libraries.

“It is really important that residents stay worm in their homes and it is a very green policy to make sure that we are not wasting energy,” said Cllr Russell.

Climate policies include more parks and greener street spaces, bike parking hangars, fast EV charging points, low traffic neighbourhoods and phasing out gas boilers.

“Making cycling easier but also making driving more expensive through diesel surcharge and work place levy which we hope will have the effect of reducing the number of people using cars,” said Cllr Russell.

The Greens are campaigning to bring more services in house, pledging they can make £4 million annually from housing works, parking enforcement and street cleaning contracts.

Currently the party has two councillors, with former national co-leader Sian Berry in Highgate.

“The last few years have been difficult for our residents and communities, so we are pleased to present our vision for a better Camden today, setting out bold plans to keep Labour honest, create more secure homes for families, boost people’s financial wellbeing, improve our public services, and meet our ambitious net zero goals,” Cllr Russell said.