Call to make road safer after car crash between Highgate and Crouch End

Google maps satellite image of a road and headshot of councillor.

"It is simply awful to see another incident like this on one of our local roads." - Credit: Haringey Lib Dems and Google Maps

After a car flipped over in between Highgate and Crouch End, a councillor has renewed pleas to Haringey Council to make the road safer.

Police were called shortly before 10am on Wednesday, May 11, to reports of a car colliding with a parked car on Shepherds Hill, near Hill Gate Walk.

A man was taken to hospital as a precaution but no one was injured.

However, accidents have happened on the road before. There were five collisions from 2016 to 2019, one of which was serious.

Crouch End councillor and leader of Haringey's opposition Luke Cawley-Harrison said: "It is awful to see another incident like this on one of our local roads.

"Crouch End Lib Dem councillors have been campaigning for Shepherds Hill to be made safer for the past four years, collecting over 400 signatures on a petition calling for traffic calming measures as well as having the support of the Met Police who wrote to the council in support of the request.

"Yet Haringey has failed to act, historically claiming that vehicles fall within the acceptable speed range."

Along with previous Lib Dem councillors Tammy Palmer and Dawn Barnes, they uncovered through Freedom of Information requests there were recorded instances of people driving at 60mph on the street.

The council's Road Danger Reduction Action Plan in March this year identified Shepherds Hill as a road where the mean speed exceeded the limit (24mph).

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A Haringey Council spokesperson said: “The safety of our residents is always our number one concern. That is the reason we are investing £1.6m in reducing danger on our roads and to support the mayor of London’s ‘Vision Zero’, which aims to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries from London’s transport network by 2041. We are using evidence-led data and resident feedback to identify areas in need of improvement.

“We are aware of speeding issues along several Haringey streets, including Shepherds Hill, which is part of this year’s programme to identify measures to help address the issues raised. We will be engaging with residents and have started to capture traffic and speed data across the borough to identify other roads that have speeding issues.

“Although we have not received a petition for Shepherds Hill, in November we received one for the nearby junction at Wolseley Road/Park Road. Following the concern raised, we have invested funding into investigating this junction this year.”