Reader letter: Rubbish bins in Camden need 'levelling up'

A full bin in Gospel Oak

Full rubbish bins in Gospel Oak - Credit: Mick Farrant

Mick Farrant has written to the Hampstead & Highgate Express about the difference between rubbish bins in Primrose Hill and Gospel Oak. 

I noted the smart rubbish bin provided by the Royal Parks in Primrose Hill. How different is this from what we in Gospel Oak have to put up with from Camden Council? 

The pictures above show two of our bins.

The black one, the cheapo version, is almost full and will be when we put in it the vast amount of litter we picked up on Sunday. The extravagantly expensive version is full . 

We had some nine cheapo bins in the area, now reduced to just three. The council excuse being that the wrong sort of rubbish was being placed in them.

Emptying is erratic in the extreme, with sometimes weeks passing and some bins with overflowing bags of dog faeces. No wonder litter is strewn around the area. Residents have given up reporting litter as we get no response, even when the relevant councillors are emailed. How about a bit of “levelling up” in Camden?