'Peace and Quiet' of Muswell Hill in band's new video

FEET at Andre's Hair Salon, in Muswell Hill

FEET at Andre's Hair Salon, in Muswell Hill - Credit: Chantelle Billson

A Muswell Hill band have been out and about, celebrating their adopted home in their new video.

FEET released their new single, Peace and Quiet, on Tuesday (April 20).

The band was formed at Coventry University, but they are now self-proclaimed "Muswell Hillbillies", referencing local heroes The Kinks.

Singer George Haverson said: "Peace and Quiet has lots of energy. It's us coming out of the gate for the first time in a year and a half since lockdown, and the songs title should be taken with a large dose of irony." 

He added: "It's a statement song and our comeback into the music world. We are trying to mark our territory to show that this is our path and where we're going." 

With bassist Oliver Shasha, drummer Ben Firth, and guitarists Callum Parker and Harry Southerton, George was out in the local neighbourhood for the video, celebrating spots that have kept them "motivated" throughout lockdown. 

Andre's Hair Salon, Fish Palace and Audio Gold in Park Road, as well as the Priory Off-licence, all featured in the shoot. 

"Somewhere like Andre's is a great part of the community, we come here just as much as we go to the pub or the off-license. This is our area and where we feel comfortable," said George.

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"This song is moving us in a new direction but we are comfortable in the latest sound and where we are going with it." 

The band have plans to announce a local gig soon.

Oli said: "Our local spot, the Priory Pub, has allowed us to take on the role of promoting and putting on live shows there. We want to give something back and believe it's a great spot with the bonus of being super cheap." 

In the summer FEET will begin a national tour (August 12-20) taking in Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham and Bristol. 

Visit www.feetband.co.uk