‘Crease pop is coming’ - Meet the band redefining indie from their Muswell Hill flat

The band Feet pictured in front of Alexandra Palace, London. From left, Oliver Shasha, Harry Southe

The band Feet at Alexandra Palace, London. From left: Oliver Shasha, Harry Southerton, George Haverson, Callum Parker and Ben Firth. Picture: Polly Hancock

“I don’t think five riff-raff like us should really live here but we got lucky, yeah.”

Upping sticks and moving to London to live together as a band in a bid for success and \

Speaking to the Ham&High Podcast, guitarist Harry Southerton and singer George Haverson describe the area as “paradise”, citing local businesses such as The Fish Palace, André’s Hair Salon, The Priory, The Famous Royal Oak and Midori.

“We’ve got Ally Pally through our window - that’s always a good motivator,” said George. “One day we’ll play Ally Pally.”

It’s probably just as well they’ve settled into north London life as lockdown has meant the five members - completed by guitarist Callum Parker, bassist Oliver Shasha and drummer Ben Firth - have been holed up without the outlet of playing gigs.

Instead they have kept themselves busy with a series of YouTube tracks ‘Live from the FEET Flat’, merchandise released to support the Music Venues Trust and Black Lives Matter, and a plan to re-brand the band and redesign its sound.

The band Feet pictured in front of Alexandra Palace London.
From left, Oliver Shasha, Harry Southert

The band Feet pictured in front of Alexandra Palace London. From left, Oliver Shasha, Harry Southerton, George Haverson, Ben Firth and Callum Parker. - Credit: Archant

George says there was an early productive period during lockdown, but that not all the music produced will make the cut for the follow-up to debut album What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham (aptly titled for this newspaper), which was released last year.

“I think maybe there was a bubble of inspiration at the start, and then that kind of went into a bit of an echo chamber and we thought we were the best thing about,” he said.

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“And then when we got towards the end of this year, we had all these new songs and demos and stuff, and we listen back to them and some of them are way too left field for a condensed idea of what we’re trying to do.”

He added: “We thought that Pink Floyd or something.”

When gigs eventually start again, keep an eye out not only for FEET but for their pub band The Pintmen and for their Clap Nights - gigs and dj nights.

Find links for all of FEET’s media channels at https://www.feetband.co.uk/.

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