Hampstead police warn of South Hill Park conman who pretends to be robbery victim with ‘fake wound’

South Hill Park, Hampstead, NW3

South Hill Park, Hampstead, NW3 - Credit: Archant

Police in Hampstead have warned of a con-artist pretending to be a robbery victim in and around South Hill Park in order to steal money from kind-hearted passers-by.

The man, thought to be a “slim white male in his 50s” and described as a smart dresser with a gap in his tooth, was mentioned in the annual crime report for the Hampstead ward, and Sgt Hounsell has asked the public to be vigilant.

READ MORE: Hospital staff presented with Covid-19 tribute tile by ‘people of HampsteadHe told this newspaper: “He spins the exact same story every time – he has been robbed of his money, the police are out looking for the suspects, but he needs between 20 and 50 quid to get home.

“He presents with a convincing fake wound to the head.”

Sgt Hounsell added: “I’m not asking people to assume every robbery victim is a con artist but to be vigilant when people in the street ask for money, especially if it matches the above.”

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