Kate Garraway has apologised after she tagged Haringey Council on social media about “post, bills, demands, threats of bailiffs” sent to her late husband.

The Good Morning Britain star announced in January this year that former political lobbyist Derek Draper had died at the age of 56 after a lengthy battle with long Covid.

But she said that she was still receiving “unsettling” post for him and had struggled to get through to Haringey Council for help.

The 56-year-old posted to X earlier this week and said: “@haringeycouncil please help – have been trying for ten days solid to speak to someone about my husband passing away – following unsettling post making demands which obviously he can’t respond to.

“I just cannot get through.

“Again today nearly 50 mins wait and before I could … the man put me straight back to the beginning – another 20 mins and then it timed out as shuts at 5pm.

“Is there a bereavement service or SOMETHING!!!!”

But the TV presenter said on today’s Good Morning Britain (April 18) that she had now had a response from Haringey Council, adding "sorry for putting that on Twitter".

She explained that the post was not an attack on the council, but was “borne out of utter frustration”.

Ms Garraway said: “It’s not really sending of the post, because you understand that there will be a period where the algorithm doesn’t work out someone’s passed away.

“It’s something that’s been going on for about three or four years actually.

“This has particularly to do with post – bills, demands, threatens of bailiffs – still going to Derek, even though I’ve been paying those things, but I have a different name on some accounts, and not been able to get through to anyone to say this person has passed away, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that.”

The Good Morning Britain star said that Haringey Council had now been in touch, and asked her to message directly with her details.

She added: “Hopefully it will get resolved, but then it shouldn’t be because you’re on the telly and you tweet something that these things happen, should it?

“Because I’m sure there’s many people that are railing against it without that, so we’ll see where that goes.”

The final year of her husband’s life was documented in an ITV documentary titled Kate Garraway: Derek’s Story.

In the programme, Kate revealed that the £16,000 monthly cost of his care was more than her salary from ITV and caused her to rack up huge debts.

Haringey Council has been approached for comment.

Reporting by PA.