Potholes are always a concern for motorists, especially when some have been flagged as “dangerous” due to deteriorating conditions.

There have been several complaints lodged to local authorities near the Hampstead area about potholes, which drivers fear could be a hazard.

The massive bumps in the road can cause severe damage to car tyres, the suspension, as well as pedestrians if they trip on them – particularly as some have been described as 15 inches long and six inches deep.

On Fix My Street, a website which sees people complain about the issues in their area, the Ham&High has been on the lookout for the worst potholes.

Here are some of the concerning issues we found:

’15 inch long’

One person flagged a “dangerous deep pothole” in the centre of Cannons Close, N2, last Friday (April 12). It was described as 15 inches long and over six inches deep.

Ham & High: A pot hole in Cannons CloseA pot hole in Cannons Close (Image: FixMyStreet)

‘Deep and large’

Another alert, sent back on February 20, described  “deep and very large unmarked potholes all around the Heath Extension”.

‘Shaking the foundations’

One complaint mentions a pothole which developed near the start of March at the top end of Cricklewood Lane, where it meets Finchley Road. The complainant said: “It is shaking the foundations of my house every time a bus or heavy vehicle goes over it.”

‘Getting worse and worse’

Near Hammerson House at The Bishops Avenue, also known as Billionaires’ Row, a report in March stated that there were “severe potholes” along the road. It was said that potholes in the street are getting “worse and worse” and were likely to cause damage to vehicles. There were similar complaints in February.

‘Dozens of potholes’

At the start of April, it was said there were “many deep potholes and broken surfaces” on Hampstead Way, between Wildwood Road and Meadway. It is claimed that the road surface has been deteriorating for several months, and “is now dangerous”.