An illegal cannabis website has been taken down after its posters were plastered across London.

There have been many sightings of ‘TheBitz420’ posters, which led to a website offering “high quality cannabis in the UK’ over recent months.

The Ham&High has been aware of this being a widespread problem, with posters also appearing in Maida Vale, West Hampstead, near Hampstead Heath, The Bishops Avenue - also known as Billionaires’ Row - and Islington.

Its appearance sparked a warning from Highgate School’s acting deputy head Arthur Dabrowski, who said it could have a “safeguarding risk” to the community.

However TheBitz420 has updated its website, taking down the e-commerce page and any way to purchase goods online.

Ham & High: A screengrab showing some of the products on TheBlitz420 A screengrab showing some of the products on TheBlitz420 (Image: Website)

A statement reads: “We provided the most efficient, honest and fair service that there has ever been in this field.

“And along with our honesty and integrity, we are leaving on the same note with a friendly farewell.

“We never done one customer wrong, every order ever made was fulfilled and we never went missing. We have made many good friends here. TheBitz420 will be remembered for our reputation!”

The business added: “To all our customers, there's nothing to worry about, this decision has been made 100% by us and is not due to any outside influence or problems, so please don't start conspiracies we want to leave on a positive note with everyone.”

The website adds that anything branded as ‘TheBitz420’ from now on is a scam and not representative of the business.

When it was operating, purchases could be made through Bitcoin, a digital cryptocurrency, as well as bank transfers.

Although TheBlitz420 posters were the most prominent due to its large signs, other cannabis signs continue to be plastered in and near Camden borough.

Ham & High: A 'Spaceweed_420' sticker at Willow RoadA 'Spaceweed_420' sticker at Willow Road (Image: Joseph Reaidi)

Other dealers such as ‘SpaceWeed_420’ have been promoting free delivery for cannabis for customers who scan the QR codes on their stickers, which can be found on many lampposts.

These QR codes lead to its Snapchat and Telegram accounts to communicate with the operator.

On March 24, three of these stickers were seen by the Ham&High in the vicinity of Primrose Hill.

Likewise, at least another three were spotted on roads next to Hampstead Heath on March 31.

Ham & High: A 'Spaceweed_420' sticker at Willow RoadA 'Spaceweed_420' sticker at Willow Road (Image: Joseph Reaidi)

The Metropolitan Police said local police officers are aware of these posters and they are removed once seen.

A spokesperson added: “We’re also working with the local council as they are removing them too."