A school has warned parents of posters promoting an illegal cannabis business near the site.

The warning from Highgate School in North Road, Highgate, is just the latest in a series of complaints from people who have seen similar posters across different areas in north London.

Many of these posters are for ‘TheBitz420’, which appears to advertise on its website: “Buy high quality cannabis in the UK”.

Purchases for the drugs can be made through Cryptocurrency, a digital Bitcoin currency, as well as bank transfers, it claims.

On the website, TheBitz420 says: “We believe UK legislation around cannabis is very outdated and we expect the whole marketplace to expand hugely when our Government changes the law in the near future.

“All of our weed is sourced from connections and relationships with growers spanning over a decade period.

“With the ever changing world and technology, the old school way of meeting a dealer on a street corner is outdated and that is where The Bitz 420 steps in.”

Ham & High: A screengrab showing some of the products on TheBlitz420A screengrab showing some of the products on TheBlitz420 (Image: Website)

After these were found near Highgate School, acting deputy head Arthur Dabrowski said in an email: “I am writing to let you know that we have become aware of a number of advertisements posted near the school site, and indeed across north London, advertising the illegal sale of cannabis.”

He continued: “We have shared information relating to the posters in Highgate with our police contacts, and will remove any signs that are within sight of the school buildings.

“I would also encourage any parents to remove signage of this nature, should they come across it.

“Clearly, this material presents a safeguarding risk to our community and we are keen for it not to have any impact on pupils.”

The Ham&High has been aware of this being a repeated problem in the area over recent months, with posters also appearing in Maida Vale, West Hampstead, The Bishops Avenue (also known as Billionaires’ Row) and Islington.

And although TheBitz420 posters are the most prominent in these areas, similar posters for other dealers are also being plastered such as ones for ‘Spaceeweed_420’, which says it provides free delivery and encourages potential customers to contact them through Snapchat.

The Metropolitan Police said that local police officers are aware of these posters and they are being removed once seen.

A spokesperson added: “We’re also working with the local council as they are removing them too."