A residents group says it repeatedly warned of an accident outside a primary school before a young child was hit by a car.

A four-year-old boy was the victim of a collision outside Kingsgate Primary School in Liddell Place, West Hampstead, at around 3.40pm last Wednesday (March 13).

The boy was rushed to hospital by the London Ambulance Service.

Fortunately, his injuries were not life-threatening.

Agnes Peyser, the co-chair of the Maygrove Road, Iverson Road, Loveridge Road, Ariel Road and Medley Road Residents’ Association, says the group has raised concerns with Camden Council many times.

While a Healthy School Street scheme is in place in the area to restrict non-exempt vehicles from entering the roads during drop-off and pick-up times, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras have not been installed - so there is effectively no enforcement.

Ms Pesyer claims most parents and construction workers in the area "don't respect the school street".

She said: “We've been warning Camden so many times about it, we’ve been campaigning for school streets for three years.

“They say yes we’ll do that but they postpone and postpone it.

“When we were campaigning for a school street we said there was no point in having a school street without an ANPR camera.

“It was meant to happen at the beginning of September last year.”

Camden Council said ANPR cameras are still expected to be installed by April.

A Camden Council spokesperson said: “The Healthy School Street on Maygrove Road joins schemes at around 30 other schools in Camden that prevent through-traffic during drop off and pick up time.

“This is to reduce road safety risk and improve air quality for children.

“Since the scheme went in, signage has made the restricted times clear and the rules apply regardless of whether there are also cameras in place.

“The installation of ANPR cameras on this street is taking place in April.

“In the meantime, our data shows that there is now on average 68% less traffic outside the school in the morning restricted time, and 60% less in the afternoon restricted time than there was before.”