2024 will be a big year for the London transport network with plenty of new changes set to take place across the next 12 months. 

It comes as Transport for London (TfL) shares its plans for the new year as it makes changes to improve service networks across the region.

Last year saw some of the biggest changes ever to TfL, with the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), the creation of the Superloop and more stations on the Elizabeth Line opening.

2024 will see even more major changes to the TfL network including London buses and the Tube.

So you know what to expect, we've broken down all the plans and expansions set to take place on the network. 

All the changes coming to the London Underground in 2024

Over the next year, the Tube network will see upgrades from new trains and the expansion of 4G and 5G connectivity.

Connection on the Tube

Passengers on the London Underground will soon be able to get 4G and 5G connections whilst on a journey, as TfL shared that "a significant proportion of the entire Tube network" will get mobile coverage by the end of 2024.

On the Elizabeth Line, all stations and tunnelled areas will also get coverage by Spring 2024 as well as certain parts of DLR and Overground services.

Changes to Tube stations

In the summer of 2024, the Kentish Town station is set to reopen with improved escalators on the stop.

From January 8 to April 2024, escalators to the southbound Northern Line and southbound Victoria Line will not operate at Euston, however, TfL has shared that there will be a spiral staircase for passengers to use.

Ham & High: The London Underground will see some big changes over the next year.The London Underground will see some big changes over the next year. (Image: PA)

Improvements to the Central Line

The new and improved Central Line trains will begin to operate on the Tube and the £500 million project will see brighter lights in the coverages, better computer software and new CCTV cameras.

Plus there will also be better information points and announcements and improved motors for smoother travel.

All the changes coming to the London buses in 2024

London buses will see a number of changes over the next year, including rerouting and changes to stops and stations.

To make it easier, we've broken it down to the Superloop and permanent changes over the next year.

Changes to the Superloop

The full line of the Superloop is expected to be completed by spring 2024 according to the TfL.

The completion will see SL2, SL3 and SL5 join the loop whilst the SL4 that connects Canary Wharf to Grove Park will open in 2025.

Ham & High: See the changes coming to London buses.See the changes coming to London buses. (Image: TfL)

London bus route changes

Route 278 changes at Ruislip Station

From January 6, buses on Route 278 will set passengers down at the alighting point on Station Approach at Ruislip Station.

The route will also no longer pick up from stop B towards Heathrow Airport, instead passengers for Heathrow will be picked up from bus stop C on Ruislip High Street.

Rerouting of 419 on Lonsdale

The 419 will be rerouted on Saturday, January 6 towards Richmond only and will no longer service hail and ride to areas of Kilmington Road and Howsman Road.

The bus will stay on Lonsdale Road before heading towards Verdun Road and continuing to its current route.

The 419 will continue to run every 12 minutes during the day from Monday to Saturday and every 20 minutes on Sundays.