As an avid food enthusiast always on the lookout for unique dining experiences, I recently embarked on a culinary adventure like no other - dining on an underground tube line.

The concept, both daring and innovative, has welcomed more than 10,000 people on board since Supperclub first opened the restaurant in 2018.

To get the full immersive experience, we travelled to the restaurant on no other than the Victoria Line – all the way from Brixton to Walthamstow Central.

Now, after sitting on a real underground tube line for more than half an hour, I was sceptical on how my experience would be.

Eating food on the underground is my idea of a nightmare – dozens of sweaty people fighting for a seat combined with the smell of a tuna and onion baguette isn’t something that particularly tickles the tastebuds.

But to my surprise, dining on the Supperclub. Tube was like being transported into a first-class, high end tube line which I can only envision people like Madonna and Donald Trump would be able to use.

Ham & High:

The ambiance was surprisingly intimate, considering the unconventional setting.

The 1967 Victoria line carriage was fascinating – the old-style seating arrangements were still on brand with TfL’s horrendously boring tube line designs, but a perfectly placed table sat between seats which was illuminated by a soft light.

The décor seamlessly blended industrial elements with modern chic, creating an atmosphere that felt trendy, exclusive, and pretty bizarre.

Ham & High: Entrance to the tube Entrance to the tube (Image: Poppy Huggett)

We took to our seats located in the centre of the tube line, admired the buzzy atmosphere from other tube-diners, and looked over what interesting food we were about to sink our teeth into.

Ham & High:

The six-course taster menu, a testament to the chef's creativity, was inspired by traditions of Latin American countries which centred around – take a guess – corn.

From small plates like Sopa Azteca (tomato and chipotle soup), to Ceviche de Bacalao (line cured cod), each dish was a carefully crafted masterpiece.

Ham & High:

One standout was the Carimanolas de queso (cassava and white corn croquettes filled with mozzarella and cheddar cheese), a play on the classic dish featuring yellow chilli sauce.

Ham & High:

As the courses progressed, I couldn't help but marvel at the seamless integration of the dining experience with the other commuters (diners).

Everyone seemed to be lost in conversation and enjoyed each dish like no tomorrow; if every tube line was this relaxed, Londoners would be falling in love left, right and centre.

My favourite taster dish of the night was the Ropa Vieja (Cuban style shredded brisket), which quite literally melted in my mouth and paired perfectly with the sweet potato hash brown, rice, and sweetcorn.

Ham & High:

Service was impeccable on the Supperclub. Tube, with a knowledgeable and attentive chef who greeted each diner and explained the menu staff guiding guests through the culinary journey.

In conclusion, dining on an underground tube line proved to be a truly remarkable experience, pushing the boundaries of standard dinner settings.

The experience gave the real underground a run for its money, proving that if life (TfL) gives you delays, make a dinner reservation on the Supper. Club tube.