A police car chase resulted in a three-car smash hours before a car was found sticking out of bushes a short distance away.

Police began chasing a stolen vehicle in Clapton Common, Hackney, shortly before 12.30am on Friday (December 8).

The chase ended in Highgate West Hill, Highgate, where Scotland Yard said officers saw the car had crashed into three stationary vehicles and flipped onto its roof.

A Met spokesperson said a 37-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.

Adam Davis, who lives with his family in Highgate West Hill, was awoken by the crash.

He said: "We heard a big noise and looked out of the window and watched for a while in a gawky way.

"We realised no-one was hurt as there was no ambulance."

The father-of-two said he went downstairs to look and saw a car on its roof.

He believes his wing mirror was hit, but has since found the car will not start.

He said: "My wing mirror got a glancing blow but not as hard as the others. At the moment it won't start so we have to arrange for the car to be looked at."

The next morning, also on December 8, a different car was seen in the bushes outside the former Wine Cellar and Roni's restaurant, also in Highgate West Hill.

Mr Davis said it might be a "coincidence", adding: "Maybe a car veered into it, I don't know."

A shop worker at Roni's said she saw the wedged car while putting out tables and chairs at 7am.

She added: "I just saw the car had crashed into into the bushes, it was very dark at the time. I later saw the AA and realised there must have been an accident but didn't really think twice about it."

The Met said they had no reference to another moving vehicle being involved.

Enquiries continue.