Animals at London Zoo in Regent's Park have been taking part in a zoo-wide Easter egg hunt. 

Sumatran tigers, meerkats and squirrel monkeys were among the animals who joined in the festivities. 

Staff at London Zoo in Regent's Park have “stepped into the role of Easter bunny” as the animals foraged for treats.

The creatures at the zoo were offered the chance to claw into giant cardboard eggs, allowing them to “practise their natural foraging behaviours”.

Nine-month-old critically endangered Sumatran tiger cubs Crispin and Zac sniffed out a cinnamon-scented trail left by staff to find their eggs, while the meerkats hunted among sand and rocks for eggs filled with moss and crickets.

Some Bolivian black-capped squirrel monkeys found theirs hanging in their treetop home and stuffed with sweet potato, sweetcorn and peas.

The entertainment was part of a wider Easter egg hunt organised for visitors at the conservation zoo.

London Zoo manager Dan Simmonds said: “While our visitors are busy on the Zoo-normous Egg Hunt – following a trail of egg-laying animal-themed clues to find the golden egg – zookeepers have stepped into the role of Easter bunny to make sure the animals don’t miss out on any of the egg-based action.”

“We’re always exploring creative new ways for the animals to practise their natural foraging and hunting behaviours, and Easter provides the perfect opportunity to offer up some enriching, egg-based animal activities – it’s also a great way for our visitors to learn about different animals and their natural skills.”

Reporting by PA. Video credit: ZSL London Zoo.