A fitness centre is at risk of closure as it faces a "significant financial loss".

The YMCA fitness centre in Elmfield Avenue, Crouch End, could shut on April 28 this year, depending on the outcome of a consultation.

In its current form, the centre includes a gym floor and fitness class.

A letter issued to members, colleagues and instructors, said that it will begin to explore options for the future of the centre, with closure being an option.

Colleagues have until March 23 to voice their opinion.

The letter read: “We have not identified a solution to address the significant financial loss we face in the coming year.

“Making a loss is unsustainable, especially when many of you believe that your membership helps support vulnerable young people.”

The letter also states economical factors have impacted the centre's financial performance, including the pandemic and a new gym competitor in the area as well as memberships reducing.

Chris East, director of community and enterprise at YMCA, said: “As a valued charity at the heart of the local community, we want to be able to provide whatever facility best serves the wellbeing of local residents and the young people in our care, however, the energy cost increases and the opening of a competitor in the immediate vicinity have meant we must review all possible alternatives for the fitness centre.

“The closure of the fitness centre in its current form, which includes a gym floor and fitness classes, is one option but we remain open to suggestions from our members, accommodation residents and local residents alike as to what best suits their needs within the means available to us.

“A decision about the fitness centre has not yet been made.”

Mr East clarified that “no other part” of the YMCA operation at Crouch End is being reviewed.

He said: “The accommodation for young people on the neighbouring Tottenham Lane site is unaffected and continues to house hundreds of young people who experience homelessness each year.

“Likewise, our work at The Harringay Club, Rokesly School and St Aidens School is also unaffected.”

Consultation sessions will be held on March 9 between 8am to 11am and March 15 between 3pm and 7pm to discuss the fitness centre’s future.