A survey conducted by Camden Council indicated strong support for the Belsize Village streatery.

The local authority held a poll for residents to submit their views on the possible continuation of the licence for the al fresco dining area in Belsize Terrace.

Residents were asked: “Would you be in support of the streatery licence being extended until 30/09/2021?”

After a request by the Ham&High for the consultation results, the council’s survey of 416 respondents showed that 381 (91.5%) supported the streatery.

A total of 31 respondents (7.4%) said they were opposed to the outdoor dining scheme, with four people not holding a definitive view either way.

The council wrote to properties within a 150-metre radius of the scheme to invite them to comment. People living outside this catchment were also able to submit their views online, via email and by post.

Following the consultation the council granted an extension to the streatery’s licence until September 30.

The Belsize project was the first of its kind in Camden.

Critics have pointed to the loss of public space for commercial use, and disruption for local residents.

Proponents have praised its support of local businesses coming out of the pandemic, and its efforts to tackle rubbish.