The number of Covid patients in north London hospitals appears to be levelling out after a spike over the Christmas period.

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust had 221 patients with confirmed Covid in its care on January 11, according to the latest government data.

This number had risen for 13 consecutive days from December 23 to January 5 inclusive - almost tripling from 84 cases to a peak of 243 in that time - but hasn't been as high since.

The trust runs the Royal Free, Chase Farm and Barnet hospitals.

Despite the recent rise in Covid patients across the hospitals, the number of patients on ventilators has remained steady, with 16 as of January 11.

Whittington Health NHS Trust had 87 confirmed Covid patients according to the latest figures.

This compared with 96 a week earlier on January 4.

The number of Covid patients at the trust, which runs Whittington Hospital, had peaked at 98 the previous day following a gradual rise during the second half of December.

There were six people with Covid on ventilators as of January 11.