Voters will go to the polls across London on Thursday, May 5 for the local council elections.

Here is a full list of candidates standing in Barnet.

Barnet Vale

Stephen Barber, Liberal Democrats; Richard Barnes, Labour; Simon Cohen, Liberal Democrat; Marianne Haylett, Labour; William Kumar, Conservative; David Longstaff, Conservative; Benjamin Papworth, Liberal Democrat; Robert Persad, Labour; Robert Teare, Conservative; Charles Wicksteed, Green.

Brunswick Park

Luigi Bille, Liberal Democrat; David Farbey, Green; Paul Lemon, Labour; Josh Mastin-Lee, Conservative; Giulia Margarita, Labour; Nicole Richer, Conservative; Lisa Rutter, Conservative; Jonti Stern, Liberal Democrat; Tony Vourou, Labour; Glyn Williams, Liberal Democrat.

Burnt Oak

Sara Conway, Labour; Kamal Gurung, Labour; Ruth Hart, Conservative; Timothy McGeever, Conservative; Ammar Naqvi, Labour; Rashina Shah, Green; Samuel Shupac, Conservative.

Childs Hill

Sam Cohen, Liberal Democrat; Toby Davis, Liberal Democrat; Karen Dolby, Green; Rebecca Fluss, Conservative; Adam Gheasuddin, Conservative; Giulia Innocenti, Labour; Matthew Perlberg, Labour; Emma Rozenberg, Liberal Democrat; Nigel Young, Labour; Peter Zinkin, Conservative.

Colindale North

Maggie Curati, Green; Andreas Ioannidis, Labour; Ben Margulies, Conservative; Marcin Nocek, Independent; Joseph Prager, Conservative; Sabriye Warsame, Independent; Zakia Zubairi, Labour.

Colindale South

Adam Collins, Conservative; Shivaji Ghosh, Conservative; Humayune Khalick, Labour; Nagus Narenthira, Labour; Nigel Saidler, Conservative; Gillian Sargeant, Labour; Rajul Shah, Green.


Anne Clarke, Labour and Co-operative; Yosef David, Conservative; Charles Lawton, Liberal Democrat; Sophie Leighton, Liberal Democrat; Danielle Pollastri, Green; Alan Schneiderman, Labour and Co-operative; Ajantha Tennakoon, Conservative.

East Barnet

Felix Byers, Conservative; Philip Cohen, Labour; Edith David, Labour; Judith Echlin, Green; Sean Hooker, Liberal Democrat; David Keech, Liberal Democrat; David Nowell, Liberal Democrat; Pavan Pavanakumar, Conservative; Simon Radford, Labour; Paul Roberts, Conservative.

East Finchley

Robert Buckwell, Conservative; Claire Farrier, Labour and Co-operative; Julia Hines, Liberal Democrat; Lesley McIlmoyle, Conservative; Arjun Mittra, Labour and Co-operative; Alison Moore, Labour and Co-operative; David Noble, Liberal Democrat; Steve Parsons, Green; Sachin Patel, Liberal Democrat; Megan Tucker, Conservative.


Lisa Bard, Women's Equality; Nikhilesh Chakraborty, Labour; Sorah Gluck, Labour; Shuey Gordon, Conservative; Ryan Jackson, Labour; Nick Mearing-Smith, Conservative; Dudley Miles, Green; Lucy Wakeley, Conservative.


Lachhya Gurung, Conservative; Samuel Murray, Green; Nila Patel, Labour; Josh Tapper, Labour; Sarah Wardle, Conservative.

Finchley Church End

Dominic Aubrey-Jones, Liberal Democrat; Suzanne Baker, Labour; Hilary Burrage, Labourl; Daniel Fenesan, Liberal Democrat; Eva Greenspan, Conservative; Jennifer Grocock, Conservative; Sarah Hoyle, Liberal Democrat; Nina Jacoby-Owen, Green; Mary McGuirk, Labour; Daniel Thomas, Conservative.

Friern Barnet

Pauline Coakley Webb, Labour; Graham Craig, Liberal Democrat; Kishar Ghateh, Conservative; Lavinia Jessup, Liberal Democrat; Linda Lusingu, Labour; Zoe Myerson, Liberal Democrat; Barry Rawlings, Labour; Kate Salinger, Conservative; Anila Skeja, Conservative; Ed Tytherleigh, Green.

Garden Suburb

Alton Akbiyik, Liberal Democrat; Nicolas Ceasar, Green; Rohit Grover, Conservative; Brian Ingram, Independent; Adam Kayani, Labour; Kathleen Levine, Labour; Daniel Mermelstein, Liberal Democrats; Michael Mire, Conservative.

Golders Green

Debbie Brazil, Women's Equality; Dean Cohen, Conservative; Melvin Cohen, Conservative; Penny Gostyn, Liberal Democrat; Simon Shaer, Liberal Democrat; Karen Walkden, Labour; Susan Waller, Labour; Gillian Ward, Green.


Joshua Conway, Conservative; Charlotte Daus, Labour; David Dunitz, Labour; Christopher Fordyce, Green; Michael Hughes, Liberal Democrat; Franca Oliffe, Independent; Eunice Phillips, Liberal Democrat; Alex Prager, Conservative; Mark Shooter, Conservative; Janice Turner, Liberal Democrat; Viljo Wilding, Labour.

High Barnet

Lara Ayodeji-Akindiji, Conservative; Paul Edwards, Labour; Richard Hewison, Rejoin EU London; Dan King, Conservative; Peter Lusher, Liberal Democratic; Joan Waterson, Green; Michael West, Liberal Democrat; Emma Whysall, Labour.

Mill Hill

Rachel Barker, Labour; Val Duschinsky, Conservative; Pascale Fanning-Tichbourne, Labour; Frankie Grant, Labour; Laithe Jajeh, Conservative; Kay Simone, Women's Equality; Richard Logue, Liberal Democrat; Donna Pickup, Liberal Democrat; Elliot Simberg, Conservative; Roger Tichbourne, Liberal Democrat; Elizabeth Wardle, Green.

Totteridge and Woodside

Jack Cohen, Liberal Democrat; Alison Cornelius, Conservative; Richard Cornelius, Conservative; Vanessa David, Labour; Brendan Donnelly, Rejoin EU London; Oliver Rodwell, Liberal Democrat; Parmodh Kumar, Labour; Tanya Spensley, Liberal Democrat; Caroline Stock, Conservative; Fabio Vollono, Green; Laurie Williams, Labour.


Zahra Beg, Labour; Victor Corney, Liberal Democrat; Patrick Daly, Liberal Democrat; Andrew Dolby, Green; Taiye Garrick, Conservative; Ben Rend, Rejoin EU London; Tim Roberts, Labour; Reuben Thompstone, Conservative.

West Finchley

John Colmans, Green; Clareine Enderby, Liberal Democrat; Robert Fucilla, Conservative; Ross Houston, Labour; Kath McGuirk, Labour; Danny Rich, Labour; Gabriel Rozenberg, Liberal Democrat; Gregory Ruback, Liberal Democrat; Linda Savin, Conservative; Thomas Sheppard, Conservative; Ruth Vincenti, Women's Equality.

West Hendon

Ernest Ambe, Labour; Andrea Bilbow, Labour; Rishikesh Chakraborty, Labour; Tye Hunter, Green; Pauline Lewis, Conservative; Harvey Odze, Conservative; Helene Richman, Liberal Democrat; Jeremy Ross, Conservative.


Andrew Newby, Green; Sachin Rajput, Conservative; Ella Rose, Labour; Thomas Smith, Conservative; Liron Velleman, Labour.


Golnar Bokaei, Conservative; David Burns, Green; Geof Cooke, Labour; Gerard Fitzgerald, Liberal Democrat; James Goldman, Liberal Democrat; Anne Hutton, Labour; Shaan Owusu-Afriyie, Conservative.