With voters heading to the polls on May 5 for the local council elections, here is a full list of candidates standing in Haringey.

Alexandra Park

George Danker, Labour; David Douglas, Conservative; Sarah Elliot, Labour; Claire Lewis, Green; Hari Prabu, Liberal Democrat; Alessandra Rossetti, Liberal Democrat.

Bounds Green

Emily Arkell, Labour; Suraj Bhanot, Conservative; Guy Carter, Conservative; Ibrahim Hassan, Liberal Democrats; Justin Hinchcliffe, Liberal Democrat; Steven Maddocks, Green; Mary Mason, Labour.

Bruce Castle

Ibrahim Ali, Labour; James Barton, Conservative; Agnieszka Barbara, Conservative; Erdal Dogan, Labour; Matthew Fenby Taylor, Liberal Democrat; Pamela Harling, Green; Sue Jameson, Labour; Niveda Moorthy, Conservative; Alison Prager, Liberal Democrat; Alex Sweet, Liberal Democrat.

Crouch End

Lester Buxton, Labour; Luke Cawley-Harrison, Liberal Democrat; Josh Dixon, Liberal Democrat; Cressida Johnson, Labour; David Mason, Labour; Elizabeth Payne, Liberal Democrat; David Ritchie, Conservative; Paul Wilkinson, Green.

Fortis Green

Dawn Barnes, Liberal Democrat; Matthew Bentham, Liberal Democrat; Mark Blake, Labour; Colin Ettinger, Green; Elliot Hammer, Conservative; Sean O'Donovan, Labour; Viv Ross, Liberal Democrat; Julian Sherwood, Conservative; Joy Wallace, Labour.


Anna Abela, Labour; Gina Adamou, Labour; Karen Alexander, Liberal Democrat; Zena Brabazon, Labour; Nihat Donmez, Conservative; Adam Frantzis, Green; William Hull, Conservative; Ryan Mercer, Liberal Democrat; Sarah Mills, Women's Equality; Jethro Rasmussen, Conservative; David Schmitz, Liberal Democrat.

Hermitage & Gardens

Mark Alexander, Liberal Democrat; Anne Clarke, Green; Julie Davies, Labour; Catherine El-Gamry, Conservative; Mike Hakata, Labour; Katherine Hamilton, Liberal Democrat; Alfred Jahn, Green; Claudia Matthews, Conservative.


Nick Da Costa, Liberal Democrat; Ian Dick, Green; Scott Emery, Liberal Democrat; Mark Grosskopf, Labour; Marsha Isilar-Gosling, Liberal Democrat; Maria Jennings, Labour; William MacDougall, Conservative; Ahmed Mohammed, Labour; Nathan Steinberg, Conservative.


John Blandos, Conservative; Peter Budge, Green; Dana Carlin, Labour; Jeremy Cunnington, Liberal Democrat; Meghana Duggirala, Green; Peter Forrest, Conservative; Mary Hogan, Green; Adam Jogee, Labour; Matthew Kichenside, Liberal Democrat; Lexi Rose, Liberal Democrat; Elin Weston, Labour.

Muswell Hill

Brian Bogdanovic, Liberal Democrat; Cathy Brennan, Labour; Pippa Connor, Liberal Democrat; Tom Hoyland, Green; Sahabuddin Molla, Labour; Xander Phillips, Conservative.

Noel Park

Peray Ahmet, Labour; Matthew Amos, Liberal Democrat; Emine Ibrahim, Labour; Asha Kaur, Liberal Democrat; Khaled Moyeed, Labour; Ben Obese-Jecty, Conservative; Anthony Powell, Liberal Democrat.

Northumberland Park

Ron Aitken, Liberal Democrat; Kaushika Amin, Labour; Daniel Babis, Conservative; John Bevan, Labour; Marit Leenstra, Green; Bob Lindsay-Smith, Liberal Democrats; Calum McGillivray, Conservative; Valerie Mortimer; Liberal Democrat; Ajda Ovat, Labour; Mitty Ragnuth, Conservative.

Seven Sisters

Barbara Blake, Labour; Rachel George, Conservative; Lydia Hurst, Liberal Democrat; Jim Jenks, Liberal Democrat; Stephen Noble, Conservative; Rosie Pearce, Green; Michelle Simmons-Safo, Labour.

South Tottenham

Charles Adje, Labour; Paul Conyers, Liberal Democrat; Abigail Dodd, Green; Makbule Gunes, Labour; Daniel Lake, Conservative; Joan Lindeman, Liberal Democrat; Sheila Peacock, Labour; Gavin Rosenthal, Liberal Democrat; Massimo Rossini, Conservative; Shloime Royde, Conservative.

St Ann's

Emma Chan, Green; Harry Chrispin, Green; Paul Dennison, Liberal Democrat; Holly Harrison-Mullane, Labour; Tammy Hymas, Labour; Cara Jenkinson, Liberal Democrat.

Stroud Green

Amelia Allao, Christian People's Alliance; David Beacham, Liberal Democrat; Cedd Burge, Green; Eldridge Culverwell, Labour; George Dunstall, Labour; Daphne Forrest, Conservative; Tom Helmsley, Liberal Democrat; Joanna Kerr, Liberal Democrat; Loretta Mitchell-Mahmud, Conservative; Helen Spiby-Vann, Christian People's Alliance; Alexandra Worrell, Labour.

Tottenham Central

Agnieszka Adrjanowicz, Conservative; Isidoros Diakides, Labour; Matthew Evans, Liberal Democrat; Charles Everett, Conservative; Simon Fuchs, Liberal Democrat; Obi Obedencio, Green; Julia Ogiehor, Liberal Democrat; Felicia Opoku, Labour; Queenjane Tobin, Conservative; Matthew White, Labour.

Tottenham Hale

Jean-Philippe, Liberal Democrat; Adam Clarke, Green; Georgios Dristas, Conservative; Paddy Ellen, Green; Isabella Gavazzi, Liberal Democrat; Ruth Gordon, Labour; Peter Gorski, Conservative; Yannis Gourtsoyannis, Labour; Reg Rice, Labour; Jay Simoes, Conservative; Andrew Thomas, Liberal Democrat.

West Green

Nicola Bartlett, Labour; Seema Chandwani, Labour; Fatma Cin, Conservative; Sharon Cronin, Conservative; Gregory Hirst, Liberal Democrat; Caesar Lalobo, Conservative; Kathy Riddle, Liberal Democrat; Sarah Williams, Labour.

White Hart Lane

Elizabeth Blackett, Liberal Democrat; Gideon Bull, Independent; Bradley Fage, Conservative; Paul Head, Liberal Democrat; Jeremy Krynicki, Conservative; Ahmed Mahbub, Labour; Neil O'Shea, Conservative; Adam Perry, Liberal Democrat; Yvonne Say, Labour; Anne Stennett, Labour.


Eva Carr, Conservative; Lotte Collett, Labour; Lucia Das Neves, Labour; Sam Fisk, Liberal Democrats; Jarelle Francis, Green; Thayahlan Iyngkaran, Labour; Shanuk Mediwaka, Conservative; Paul Negus, Liberal Democrat; Shelley Salter, Liberal Democrat.