Next week's local elections will see 187 Camden candidates, 184 Haringey candidates and 186 Barnet candidates compete against each other.

There are two new wards in Camden this year, to reflect the increase in population. But there is only one new post for a councillor.

In Camden, which is Labour-run, 55 Labour candidates will hope to keep the borough red. They will compete with 55 Conservatives, 15 Green candidates, 54 Liberal Democrats and a handful of independents.

Haringey, which is run by Labour, 57 Labour candidates, 57 Lib Dems, 44 Conservatives and 26 Greens are standing for election.

Barnet will see 63 Labour candidates, 62 Conservatives, 46 Lib Dems and 26 Greens stand for election.

So don't forget to head to the polls on Thursday, May 5, to cast your vote.

Categorised by ward, use our guide to find the best place to cast your ballot on the day.