With the cold winter months behind us, how many north London hospital beds are occupied by Covid patients?

Here are the latest figures for NHS trusts serving Barnet, Brent, Camden, Hackney, Islington and surrounding areas:

Royal Free

The daily count of confirmed Covid patients dropped below 100 for the first time in more than two months according to the most recent data available.

Last Tuesday - March 1 - saw the lowest patient levels since Christmas Eve across the Royal Free, Chase Farm and Barnet hospitals.

The combined total of 91 patients on that date had fallen when compared to the 110 recorded on the previous Tuesday (February 22).

However, the average number of beds occupied by Covid patients each day remained in triple figures at the trust.

There was an average of 102 patients per day in the week to March 1, compared to 106 over the previous seven days.

There were 18 Covid patients on ventilators at last count on March 1, which was three more than on February 22.

London North West University Healthcare

On March 1, a combined 54 Covid patients were counted across the four hospitals overseen by the trust.

After a total of 65 on February 22, daily counts were between 51 and 54 on each of the following seven days.

The total of 51 on February 28 was the lowest seen in three months.

In the week leading to March 1, there was an average of 53 Covid patients each day across Northwick Park, St Mark's, Central Middlesex and Ealing hospitals.

The previous week - ending February 22 - the average was 77.

On March 1, there were three Covid patients in mechanical ventilation beds, compared with seven a week earlier.

Whittington Health

A total of 66 Covid patients were recorded at Whittington Hospital on March 1 - one more than on the previous Tuesday (February 22).

The daily average over the seven days leading to March 1 was 62, compared with 66 in the previous week.

A total of 56 Covid patients were recorded on February 26 - the lowest daily count since December 21, although data is missing for a few dates during that period.

Homerton University Hospital

Twenty-one Covid patients were recorded on March 1, which was equal to the average daily count over the week to that date.

The lowest daily count was the 18 seen on February 27 – the fewest Covid patients on any day since December 8, when the same number was recorded.

In the week ending February 22, there was an average of 34 Covid patients each day.