Global megastar Ed Sheeran was "lovely and polite" and even posed for a selfie with a teenage fan when he filmed the video for a new song in Hampstead.

Ed and his team filmed a live video for his new track Visiting Hours in St Stephen's Church, Rosslyn Hill.

Andrea Taylor, who with her husband fundraised to restore the Grade-I listed building, said she was happy to give the plan the go-ahead when asked by a film crew – though at the time she had no idea it was to be used by Ed Sheeran.

Andrea is also the headteacher of Hampstead Hill School next door, which uses the hall at St Stephen's daily. Her granddaughter Lily was lucky enough to persuade Ed to pose for a picture, too.

She said: "The filming company approached the St Stephen's Trust to see if they could use the hall, and they referred them to me, because we use it every day.

"I had a chat with the film director they said they just wanted to film the video over a day. I said I thought we would probably be able to leave it to them for a day.

"I only found out who it was the following week – having such a star wasn't the aim, I was just being kind."

Andrea said Ed and his team were "absolutely marvellous". She added: "They kept us at arm's length but were incredibly grateful and came running across whenever they needed help or a hand."

She said she was delighted to see the building get such a high-profile showcase: "It's a building that my husband and I restored and it took us ten years. It was a hard slog and I love to see it used. We want people to use it as much as possible evenings and weekends!"

As for Ed himself, Andrea said: "I managed to have a word with him and my granddaughter had a selfie. He was friendly, and lovely and polite."

The musician had tweeted about the video: "Filmed a live version of visiting hours in St Stephens Church, Hampstead. I finished writing this song going through proper grief for the first time, and for me its one of the most important songs on =."