Valentine’s Day eau de toilet humour at Crouch End exhibition

Fancy something different for Valentine’s Day? How about this “unusual” scent?

AN artist’s work which highlights the commercialisation of Valentine’s Day is being showcased in a High Street gallery.

As part of their annual exhibition featuring some of St Martin’s best recent graduates, Jealous in Crouch End will be displaying Surplus – an exclusive fragrance only available to those feeling flush.

The controversial artwork was produced by Jammie Nicholas and includes an advertising campaign, the all-important scent beautifully packaged and presented. But it is in fact made from distillations of his bodily waste.

“It’s about the premise that you can sell anything if you brand it and advertise it in an attractive way, which is what he has done with his supporting pieces,” Gallery manager Ellie Phillips (pictured) said.

Answering the all important question, Ms Phillips said she was quite surprised at how good it smells, having been through the traditional perfumerie process.

“It’s actually surprisingly pleasant, it’s really strange,” she said. “You could put it in a pharmacy or perfume shop and you would not twig what it is made out of.”

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Four graduates of St Martin’s Fine Art degree are taking part in the exhibition, with one being awarded the prize of their own exhibition at the gallery and the opportunity to have limited edition prints made there.