Twelfth Night under Shooting Stars at Lauderdale House

Lauderdale House Tea Lawn. Picture: Shooting Stars Theatre Company

Lauderdale House Tea Lawn. Picture: Shooting Stars Theatre Company - Credit: Archant

Watch one of the Bard’s best-loved plays in the beautiful setting of Lauderdale House

Shooting Stars Theatre Company

Shooting Stars Theatre Company - Credit: Archant

Is there anything more delightfully British than watching a Shakespeare play whilst having a picnic on a damp stretch of grass, possibly wrapped in a blanket despite it being August?

We doubt it. It’s lucky, then, that Shooting Star theatre company is showing a production of Shakespeare’s The Twelfth Night on the Tea Lawn at Lauderdale House.

The production is a family-friendly affair, as director Helen Crosse says: “The present-day setting, complete with modern music and contemporary costumes, makes it far easier for younger audiences to associate with. The Elizabethan style costumes and music can often alienate an audience and make the action feel less ‘real’ to them.”

The setting is also exciting in its own right.

“We’re all used to sitting in the stalls in the West End or in a tiny black box theatre in the dark, but to be outside on a sunny day with a picnic and a glass of wine and enjoy a play with a natural backdrop is something special,” Crosse says. “It’s a far more immersive experience for the audience.”

The obvious play choice for this setting, then, was the light-hearted, joyful Twelfth Night.

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“It’s a very funny one. I love directing comedies and this is one of Shakespeare’s most famous and well-loved comic plays.” Of course, its popularity also means directing it was a challenge, says Crosse: “It’s a very well-known play and, I’ve discovered, a lot of people’s favourite.”

The actors are ready to perform in all weather conditions, although refunds will be issued if a washout cuts the play short before the interval; but this should be an accessible, entertaining and hilarious production in a charming, unusual setting, so pack a raincoat and extra jumper, and cross your fingers for clear skies.

Performances are held on August 11, 16, 17, 18 at 7pm and August 13, 20 at 6pm at The Tea Lawn at Lauderdale House, Waterlow Park, Highgate Hill, London N6 5HG. Tickets start at £12.