Thom Yorke is a fan - so things look good for Cajun kids

Cajun Dance Party – who formed while they were still at school – modestly tell Tan Parsons what it s like to be rated by top singers like Radiohead s Thom Yorke THEY might have been signed by Radiohead s label on the advice of Thom Yorke but this youn

Cajun Dance Party - who formed while they were still at school - modestly tell

Tan Parsons what it's like to be rated by top singers like Radiohead's Thom Yorke

THEY might have been signed by Radiohead's label on the advice of Thom Yorke but this young five-piece from Camden Town have not let it go to their heads.

Cajun Dance Party have only just left school but they have already proved a sensation. Their debut single the Next Untouchable was released in April last year and was voted track of the week by the NME.

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And now the band can count Glastonbury, the Reading and Leeds festivals and the Camden Crawl among the gigs they have played.

"Initially we formed just for fun and so we could compete in the school battle of the bands," said Danny Blumberg, the group's singer. For someone about to embark on the biggest adventure of his life - they are on the brink of their first tour - Mr Blumberg has a gentle, shy demeanour.

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"We've just finished school and we're really excited about doing this full time now. It felt a bit weird doing it part time while we were still students. We're just practising and working hard on our new album at the moment," he said.

When I ask whether they were revered by their peers at school he quickly plays this down.

"I definitely wouldn't say that. I don't think you can really talk about things like success and fans too much. We just make music like every other band. Perhaps when we finish our tour we'll all be really arrogant," he said, chuckling at the very prospect.

Radiohead's frontman Thom Yorke was enamoured enough with Cajun Dance Party to encouraged the executives at XL Recordings to take a punt on them.

But it is clear the younger musicians do not yet consider themselves in the same league as their heroes. At a recent Radiohead gig Mr Blumberg was just another member of the adoring crowd, and he admits he was dazzled by the senior musicians.

"I don't think it's particularly amazing that we're on the same label as Radiohead just because someone recommended us. But we're very happy with the company," he said.

The rest of the band, who are all 18, are guitarist and songwriter Robbie Stern, keyboardist Vicky Freund, bassist Max Bloom and drummer Will Vignoles.

"Robbie started the band and I didn't know Vicky or Will before that but we're all really close and get on really well," said Mr Blumberg.

"I wasn't really into music very much until we started. I always listened to it but I didn't really have favourite bands or anything like that. I'm listening to a lot of American bands from the early 90s now. I'm listening to Pavement and Dinosaur Jr a lot."

The only thing that seems to jolt the singer to action during our interview is the issue of which photograph we use. The first shots to be sent to the Ham&High's picture desk are outdated and not in line with the band's current image.

"Yes, that's me in the yellow trousers in that picture - it's from about three years ago," he said. "Pictures are key to the identity of a band and it's really important to get them right."

Cajun Dance Party's debut album, the Colourful Life, was released in April.

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