Theatre review: The Hermetic Marriage at Pentameters Theatre

Hermetic Marriage is the belief that world civilisation can only be perfected when human beings meet on a common ground of intelligence, co-operation and worthy purpose.

Its interest is supernatural based on ancient Egyptian priest craft with alchemical symbols, such as the Philosopher’s stone, and their influence on the chemistry of human relationships.

This is an event devised by The Butterfly Wheel – two young women who call themselves Alice Ancient and Moon Child and they describe it as a series of mind-bending songs and dances which will produce an immersive experience to awake and unite heart, mind and soul. It involves song, dance and storytelling in order to reintroduce the old traditions that mankind is losing by allowing them to fade into the distant past.

On stage right, there is a small band area comprising two young men with guitar and drum kit and in front of them are the two beautiful young women dressed in long robes and with flowing blond hair like Saxon goddesses.

The set is a melange of mysterious and cabalistic art reminiscent of tarot drawings. In the centre, an enormous heart which turns around during one of the early songs to display the scene behind it of a Madonna and child. Two witches appear and take the child and give it to the devil who holds it by the foot upside down and delivers its heart to the grieving mother.

Moon Child is responsible for the music, which is reminiscent of Kate Bush and Kurt Weill, and the four dancers interpret well the stories from ancient mythologies. The dancers are actors from all over the world. There is Mathew from New York, Liis from Estonia, Andre Gonzalez from Portugal and Catherine from Latvia.

Perfectly pitched

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However the highlight of the show is homegrown – Alice is a true Hampstead resident who sings with a soulful Germanic-style voice that has an incredible impact on the listener. It is pure, perfectly pitched and truly natural.

Even if you don’t agree with the philosophy, it is worth visiting Hampstead just to listen to that voice.


Until March 23.