The Daniel Raphael Gallery in Hampstead launches new exhibition, Less is More, with emerging artists from across Europe

Daniel Raphael Gallery

Daniel Raphael Gallery - Credit: Archant

Less is More, a group exhibition at the Daniel Raphael Gallery will feature emerging artists from England, Italy, France and the Czech Republic, from January 24 to February 16.

Captain Cloud by Carlo Trevisan

Captain Cloud by Carlo Trevisan - Credit: Archant

The Daniel Raphael Gallery is about to host its largest exhibition since opening 10 months ago, but although large in scale, it features small paintings from a plethora of artists ranging from the home grown, to those from across Europe.

Indeed, gallery owner Daniel Levy is excited about introducing the array of ‘cute and charming’ paintings which cover themes from surrealism to traditional landscapes.

“We have nearly 100 works in the gallery now and the aim is not to make it too structured, so the paintings are arranged all over the walls,” says Daniel. “It looks like an art grenade has gone off in the gallery! It’s very eye-catching from the street so lots of people have been drawn in already.”

The aptly titled Less is More exhibition, which runs from January 24 until February 16, celebrates the small painting in all its glories. It was inspired by an art talk Daniel attended about the modern day trend of small paintings being the ideal domestic piece of art.

Stading Water II by Simon Hatchard-Parr

Stading Water II by Simon Hatchard-Parr - Credit: Archant

“In London, people haven’t got enough wall space for large paintings,” adds Daniel. “With small paintings, they are more accessible, more versatile and more affordable.”

Prices at the exhibition start from £150 and most don’t exceed £900.

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But the exhibition also makes reference to a custom that started during the Renaissance era in the fifteenth century, when wealthy collectors of art assembled small paintings in a cabinet or originally called ‘studiolo’ (Italian for study room).

Cabinets were private rooms where the collectors invited their important visitors and friends to view precious objects, including miniature paintings.

Flow by Magdalena Sevcik

Flow by Magdalena Sevcik - Credit: Archant

“The great thing about this, is you get to see lots of different paintings from different artists as opposed to a few large works from one artist,” adds Daniel.

The exhibition features local artist Simon Hatchard-Parr who is well known for his Hampstead Heath paintings. His latest, Tobogganing and Standing Winter II (pictured) will be on display, a follow-up to Standing Water I, which was snapped up by a local family when Daniel featured it in the gallery’s launch exhibition last year.

“We are really proud to feature Simon’s paintings, particularly as I’m from Hampstead. I can see why people from the area really feel connected with his landscapes; they can associate with them and relate to the paintings every time they look at them. His latest work captures about 100 people tobogganing down Primrose Hill. It’s very expressive and full of movement. It is a prime example of how a small painting can encapsulate so much.”

Other artists include Newscastle-born Berlin resident, Samuel Ageborn Hencher, who’s work is inspired by instant impressions of urban environments and landscapes.

Also featured is French artist Caroline Derveaux who uses bold lines, colours and geometric shapes as a reflection of her imaginary world and her childhood memories.

Madeleine Gardiner from Edinburgh depicts the scenery of lakes and mountain ranges with subtle uses of colour to capture the serenity of her surroundings, whilst April Jackson, shortlisted for the National Open Art Summer Exhibition in 2016, is a painter and printmaker, whose current endeavour relies on the process of pouring, soaking and staining the canvas, creating abstract forms.

Magdaléna Šev?ík from Finland paints geometric shapes in bright, distinctive forms and you can also see Italian surrealist painter and poet, Carlo Trevisan’s colourful paintings which depict objects, animals or characters in front of a vast open setting.

An artist himself, Daniel adds: “Art is a big passion for me. We’ve held lots of events since the gallery opened but this one really has something for everybody. I hope local people will come and see for themselves how cute and charming these paintings really are.”

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