Teen girlband named after Primrose Hill are signed by Spice Girls music mogul

A new girl band, who have named themselves after iconic Primrose Hill, have been snapped up by the music moguls behind The Spice Girls.

Despite naming themselves after the beauty spot, none of the trio of 15-year-old girls in the group Primrose Hill – Rhiannon Obinyah, Meisha Kelly, and Evangeline Craddock – actually lives in the area.

But it does not stop them from hanging out on the famous hill, where the girls bumped into comedian David Walliams last week.

They spotted the star of Little Britain and a Britain's Got Talent judge out walking and promptly had their photograph taken with him. It now has pride of place on the band's website.

The picture is another fond memory of the place that inspired the band's name because of happy times spent there growing up.

Rhiannon, of Croxley Road, Maida Vale, said: "We used to hang out around Camden and we used to drive around Primrose Hill. We could not think of a name and then thought Primrose Hill would be a good one. It's a really nice area."

The girls are all friends and were not brought together by their record label.

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Rhiannon originally met Meisha at the auditions for Sky1 programme Are You Smarter Than A 10-year-old?, hosted by Noel Edmonds.

"We both got onto the show and became really good friends and used to hang out afterwards," said Rhiannon. "We can both sing.

"We were then introduced to Evi at a party. We became friends and found out she could sing too."

The girls were initially managed by Rhiannon's father, who worked with the girl band All Saints, and earlier this year they were signed by Safe Management, a record label set up by Chris Herbert who founded The Spice Girls and formed and managed boyband Five.

The girls, who are all studying for their GCSEs, have spent the last four years honing their style and waiting for the right time to launch.

They have co-written most of their songs, which have a "poppy R&B" sound, and will be performing at several gigs this summer, including the Army In The Park festival in Heathrow on July 28.

Their debut single Candy Rain is scheduled for release in September.

Rhiannon revealed the members of the group are all "completely different" and said: "Meisha's like the mum of the group, she's fun. Evi's crazy, she does not sleep, she's very hyper."

Describing their long-term ambitions, Rhiannon said: "I hope in a few years we get to perform in proper concerts and have people look up to us."