Review: Twinkle Twonkle

Roundhouse, Chalk Farm ****

Twinkle Twonkle refers to the main characters in this epic space adventure of a play for ages four and up. Twonkle is Ryan, a curious little boy who always wants to play while Twinkle is his big sister, Stella, who would rather learn about the planets and stars in the sky than sing nursery rhymes with her brother.

When Ryan’s bear goes missing, he embarks on a journey into outer space to find him and Stella sets out to follow Ryan when she wakes up to find her little brother has gone missing.

The space setting is the perfect place for some pretty odd characters including the man on the moon and the little bear constellation (who turns out to be a Russian magician by the way.)

Even more perfect is the opportunity to teach starry-eyed dinkies the basics of space science- Twinkle Twonkle covers a lot of ground in 50 minutes: the principle of gravity, how the universe is expanding, what constellations are and more are discussed with helpful physical diagrams from the two person cast involving child-friendly things like balloons and pots of moon dust.

And just as little eyes start wandering and bums start shuffling the cast come up with neat ways of getting their audience to pay more attention- whether doing a dance routine to travel through the stars or taking emergency cover from an incoming asteroid.

All this amounts to 50 minutes of magical fun that would keep anyone under 10 entertained and hopefully teach them a thing or too about the universe.

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Until December 30

Ages 4+