Picture of the Week: Simon Joseph’s Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath in the mist

Hampstead Heath in the mist - Credit: Archant

Simon Joseph leaves his home at 6am every morning to walk his dog around the Heath. A keen photographer, the 38-year-old spontaneously took this shot with his iPhone on Friday when the recent upturn in weather produced a veil of mist across London.

“It captured the moment perfectly,” Joseph says. “The lighting looks basically how it was – everyone knows how the Heath can look beautiful like that with the rays coming through the trees.

“I grew up in Hampstead from when I was about 17, but now I live in Hampstead Garden Suburb. My mum and my wife both think I’m a lunatic walking the Heath so early but, at that time in the morning, it has this source of energy that, when you tap into it, feels good for you.

“I try to capture positive moments like this – a lot of people like to focus on the negative but that’s not for me.”

For information on Joseph’s full portfolio of prints, phone 07790 451234.

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