Belsize Park singer hopes her songs can reach others 'in a dark place'

Album cover The Real You Nadia Ellewood

The Real You is released by Nadia Ellewood - Credit: courtesy of the artist

Singer songwriter Nadia Ellewood hopes to promote positive mental health through her searingly  honest music.

The 25-year-old has just released EP The Real You featuring a trio of ethereally beautiful songs that reference her own struggle with depression.

The former Netley Primary pupil, who studied A level music at Regent's College and plays piano, said: "I loved music from a young age and would write silly little songs when I was 12 that weren't very good, but I started improving and now this whole EP is based on people's mental health  - mine included." 

Ellewood adds that she turns to music "as a form of catharsis and release from a dark place". 

Title track The Real You is "about maybe you are in a dark place all alone and with the help of one person you can call a friend your heart is on the mend.

"When I was really depressed and hopeless for a while, one ray of hope started the journey of recovery."

Help Me Make It Stop is about "when you feel you want to run away from everything and leave it all behind as your mind is racing from all the negative thoughts."

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And Lips Sealed is inspired by TV drama Big Little Lies "a person's mental health struggle after domestic violence and sexual assault yet feeling strong while fighting through the pain."

The pandemic has not been easy for Ellewood, who performed her songs for a Mental Health Week concert at The Calthorpe Project.

"I won't lie, it's been tough but I had music to turn to and I am one of the lucky ones with a good support network of friends and family, and something to help distance me from the pandemic. I am in a relatively OK place."

Although "it seems impossible right now to have a career in music" she hopes to continue writing and performing when live venues reopen.

She adds: "I am not hoping that people can relate to my depressing songs but if people do listen and empathise with some of the feelings or are struggling with their mental health then I hope I can reach out and help them."

Nadia's EP is free to stream