Last night’s TV: Lord Sugar sweetens up Wednesday nights

Four out of five stars

Last night saw the return of TV’s favourite quote; “You’re Fired” as the hugely successful ‘Apprentice’ once again smashed onto our screens with yet another fiery episode.

The illustrious (now Lord) Alan Sugar returned but with a different ‘sidekick’ to aid him in his brand new search for an apprentice. This time Karen Brady, the former Birmingham City and now current West Ham chairman is by his side along with long-time stalwart Nick Hewer as they look to find Britain’s best business prospect.

I have been watching this show for three years now and every time it starts I think to myself, “Can these people get any more arrogant than the year before?” Apparently they can.

The BBC once again managed to round up the most business-minded people in Britain (and the cockiest) to invade our living rooms for the next month.

The precursor before the battle for The Apprentice commenced was the traditional steady stream of ridiculous puns and soundbites from suited candidates gazing wistfully in to the London horizon.

“I consider myself an absolutely fantastic salesman, everything I touch turns to sold”, says Stuart Baggs, who owns a telecommunications company in that thriving business district….the ummm… Isle of Man.

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These cringeworthy words made him an early frontrunner for most disliked candidate. He didn’t help himself with his later comments before the boardroom: “I’m going to bring my suitcase today and I’m not to pack a single thing in it. It is going to be completely empty because I’m not going home today.”

Of course Alan Sugar actually comes remarkably close to firing him and he narrowly escapes being the first casualty of the show.

But entrepreneur Dan Harris was, instead, the first to suffer the full force of “Sergeant Sugar”.

Each team of eight boys and eight girls were put to the task of buying and producing sausages from Smithfield market, London.

A very taxing, first task for the new candidates.

It became evidently clear from the start that things weren’t all ship shape in the boys team as team leader Dan Harris led the team with err… a more direct approach, telling everyone to, “ get a f***ing move on.” A very unique leadership style.

“Like a bull in a china shop”, comments the quiet Raleigh Addington, a recent university graduate who already looks terrified by the cast of business bullies around him.

With already a hefty viewing figure for the first episode, The Apprentice really has kicked off again on our screens. For anyone who has never watched it, the entertainment never stops and to show due respect for the pun-loving world of Lord Sugar: This one was a banger.