Zebra One Gallery organises fundraising exhibition for the NHS

A Message From teh Future

A Message From teh Future - Credit: Archant

More than 30 artists have donated work to the Hampstead gallery to raise money for NHS Charities Together

Butterfly Art

Butterfly Art - Credit: Archant

Hampstead’s Zebra One art gallery may have closed its doors for the first time in 42 years, but it is running an online exhibition to raise funds for NHS staff and volunteers.

More than 30 artists have donated work to the virtual show We’re All In This Together with all proceeds going to those caring for Covid 19 patients during the coronavirus crisis.

Gabrielle Du Ploy, owner of the gallery in Perrin’s Court, has organised the exhibition by from the gallery’s roster of artists with prices ranging from £90 to £6,000.

Artists include Hayden Kays, Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, Dom Pattinson, Mason Storm, Rosso, Lucie Flynn, David Studwell, David Scheinman, and Michael Olson, as well as pieces by Marc Chagall and Joan Miro.

Zebra One Gallery NHS sale Audrey Hepburn by

Zebra One Gallery NHS sale Audrey Hepburn by - Credit: Archant

She said: “I can’t sit here and watch this crisis unfold, without doing anything. So I have rounded up some of our greatest artists to help raise funds for NHS Charities Together, who are working with NHS England and their member charities on a nationally co-ordinated response to the COVID-19 crisis.”

The pieces include a silkscreen and pigment ink on cotton artwork depicting a skull, flowers and broken glass, entitled Roses are Dead by Magnus Gjoen.

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He said: “We look to religion and art in times of despair and difficulty. Taking comfort in beauty or faith. Finding a glimpse of hope and happiness in something we can connect with. Without hope, wars cannot be won.”

Hayden Kays has donated a print of his piece Sending a Litle Love which is currently hanging on Harry Styles’ wall.

He said: “The NHS saw me into the world. They’ve helped me countless times along the way and I hope they’ll see me out ok. My thoughts are with everyone who is affected by this, so ‘I’m Sending a Little Love’”

Joshua Benmore has contributed his comforting piece, A Message From

the Future, which reads “WE’RE GOING TO BE OK.”

He said: “The piece aims to give hope that however bad things may currently seem,

your future self will get through and find resolution.”

Michael Olson’s butterfly-adorned work “I” stands for both isolation

and inspiration and is a symbol of rebirth, hope and new life.

He added: “‘It’s also the first letter in the word, ‘Inspiring,’

which describes exactly the selfless contribution NHS workers make.”

Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf has provided a powerful painting of a woman’s

face, called Charred. She explained: “Charred’ refers to the idea that something new can be born from the charred ground after a fire. It’s about the potential for renewal and hope after devastation, like the one the NHS are currently dealing with.”

Dom Pattinson has donated a moving piece, entitled, It’s in Your Hands

Now, and explained: “It reflects the need to go back to basics, to

consider what’s essential and what’s not. The future lies in the hands of our children and it’s only through our guidance that we can leave a world worth having.”

Rich Simmons has provided his Freedom of Speech, gold foil print from

an edition of 25, which rather poignantly shows a woman with a designer mask covering her mouth. He said: “I hope this benefits the NHS in some small way, they are the

true heroes of society while we are in lockdown.

“They are risking their lives, sanity, health and happiness to help those

at risk and that makes them superheroes.”

View the exhibition online at zebraoneshop.com.