Review: Goldilocks, Jacksons Lane

Hiccup Theatre's Goldilocks at Jackson's Lane

Hiccup Theatre's Goldilocks at Jackson's Lane - Credit: Archant

Warm-hearted, eco-friendly take on the classic fairytale has an inventive set and a touching note of forgiveness

There's more than a bowl of porridge at stake in this new environmentally conscious version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears tale by Hiccup and Derby Theatre - even if the porridge is probably gluten-free.

In this world, the bears live in a recycled haven of wondrous gadgets and inventions and Goldilocks is a thrill-seeking tomboy who breaks into their home after smashing a window with a ball.

The tale opens with a witty song to celebrate the enduring power of the value of three in storytelling.

The cast of three [of course] play their guitars and ukuleles [also appropriate - wait for it] as they set up the story that takes place in a 'deep forest made of teapots and… ukuleles.'

The set design is a major feature of this warm-hearted, witty production. Fashioned to resemble a cross-section of a fantasy Wendy house kitted out by a nutty professor, the bears have found every conceivable use for innumerable found objects inspired by the old adage 'one man's rubbish is another man's gold'.

Bicycle wheels power a shower made out of a bucket, metal bins are used as chairs and suitcases are beds that look invitingly cosy, despite the blankets being made out of crisp packets. Most charming of all is the tea dispenser with three teapots in decreasing sizes lined up on a plank of wood attached to a lever.

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Goldilocks has no respect for the homely order of the bears' world. The irony of her dismissive lyrics in her big number, 'I want something electronic, supersonic, so long as it's not made of wood,' may not, hopefully, resonate yet with the young target audience but it certainly struck a chord with parents.

As you'd expect in a Christmas show there is plenty of physical comedy with lots of he's [Baby Bear] or she's [naughty Goldilocks] behind you action that had the little ones wriggling and giggling.

While there wasn't a snowflake or bauble in sight, the touching end-note of forgiveness brings home a worthy Christmas message.