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A roasted Spring leg of lamb

A roasted Spring leg of lamb - Credit: Archant

Weber barbecues are the Rolls Royce of outdoor grilling and a major new outlet has just opened at Sunshine Garden Centre in Bounds Green.

A Genesis E330 black barbecue could be yours!

A Genesis E330 black barbecue could be yours! - Credit: Archant

Weber World offers an array of products from handy portables to state of the art gas barbecues plus expert advice on how to choose the right model, basic grill skills and keeping your bbq clean, cookery demos and barbecue MOTs.

To celebrate the launch, Weber are giving a top of the range £1,599 Genesis barbecue to the best barbecue recipe in North London. To enter, click here.

In the meantime try this recipe best roasted on your Weber of course using the lid on indirect heat to get the best out of your spring leg of lamb.


Whole leg of lamb

6 anchovies

4 garlice cloves

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4tbsp rosemary leaves

2 lemons

Salt and pepper

Olive Oil


Get your butcher to bone and butterfly the leg of lamb.

Make the marinade by finely chopping the anchovies, garlic and rosemary.

Mix together in a small bowl adding the zest and juice of two lemons and a glug of olive oil. Season to taste (remember the anchovies are already salty). Rub the marinade into the lamb if necessary cut pockets and flaps in the lamb to help the marinade penetrate the meat adding flavour and helping to tenderise. Marinate for at least an hour. Set up your barbecue for the 50/50 method. Sear the lamb over the heat, approximately 2 minutes each side. Move to the area of indirect heat and with the lid down, roast for about an hour and a half or until the core temperature reaches 65°C. Allow to rest before serving.