'Fall in loaf' with sourdough by subscription

Hero unsliced Good in Bread box

Hero unsliced Good in Bread box - Credit: Natale Towell

A baking entrepreneur is urging us to 'fall in loaf' with her sourdough subscription service.

Good in Bread, which delivers a 'loaf of the week' through London letterboxes by bicycle, was launched last June by French American Emily Caron. Those who prefer their bread unsliced can get it delivered in a parcel, all freshly made by north west London bakery Sciascia Storey.

Good in Bread

Good in Bread - Credit: Natale Towell

For £6.50 the changing loaf of the week might range from a hearty bread made from oats soaked overnight, to hazelnut and cranberry sourdough, Nordic rye with sunflower seeds and rye flakes, the 'Labour of Loaf' or seeded 'Eat Pray Loaf' full of Omega 3s.

Emily lives in Queen's Park but was born in Brittany: "When I was little my father used to buy fresh baguettes every day, and croissants on the weekends, almost as a ritual. I remember him waking in the early hours to walk over to the local bakery to make sure he got the freshest batch straight out of the oven. The French culture of buying and having bread every day has definitely impacted my business. I strongly believe that having good quality bread at home is not only essential but also brings joy and good nutrition to our daily lives."

Emily Caron founded Good in Bread in June 2020

Emily Caron founded Good in Bread in June 2020 - Credit: Good in Bread

With many Brits discovering sourdough baking during lockdown, have they also learned how much effort goes into a good loaf?

"Yes absolutely," says Emily. "There is a finer palate there than there used to be due to the sourdough trend. The baking craze during lockdown was great because it got people baking but it also shed light on the complexity and science behind sourdough."

All Good in Bread loaves are made from natural ingredients and organic flours which with a "long cool fermentation" brings  "a more complex and interesting flavour to the bread and is often more nutritious."

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But with most Londoners only a bike ride away from a bakery why would they want loaves delivered?

Good in Bread sourdough bundles start from £11

Good in Bread sourdough bundles start from £11 - Credit: Good in Bread

"In lockdown, people have grown more accustomed to the ease and convenience of ordering their groceries online versus going to a crowded shop or standing in a queue. Not only is this more convenient but we believe getting fresh delicious sourdough delivered to your doorstep a treat that is hard to beat!"

Sourdough bundles from £11. https://wearegoodinbread.com/