DoppleGanger: 'Vegan junk food hits the spot'

This Isn't Bob and Dopple burgers.

This Isn't Bob and Dopple burgers. - Credit: Frankie Lister-Fell

DoppleGanger is the latest addition to Crouch End Broadway Parade. With pastel paper lanterns, lots of plants and shades of millennial pink, it certainly feels like a trendy spot for the young vegans of Crouch End, but its menu could be mistaken for the greasiest burger joint in town.

The restaurant's ethos - plant-based food for carnivores, not just for practiced vegans - is evident in the traditional "meaty" flavours. Ch*cken or beef-inspired are patties topped with b*con, ch*ese and cradled in a brioche bun.

Mimicking fast-food takeaways, you order via an iPad. But the friendly, knowledgeable staff make up for the casual ordering process.

Inside DoppleGanger restaurant

Inside DoppleGanger. - Credit: Frankie Lister-Fell

We tried the Dopple (£11.50) - caramelised onion, garlic and thyme portobello mushrooms - and This Isn't Bob (£13) - a take on the original meat burger complete with pickles and ranch dressing - plus an off-menu dark and stormy concocted with fresh homemade ginger beer.

The burgers were a bit on the pricey side considering fries (an additional £3.50) aren't included. But each one was meaty, juicy, lathered in sauce and generous in size. It's always a good sign when you can't fit your mouth round a burger. Note to self: come hungry. If you're not, go for their bun-less options at the same price.

Also on the menu was an intriguing Kimbo burger (£12.50), made with DoppleGanger's 28-day-matured kimchi, which is worth a try next time. Fermentation fans can indulge in the kimchi-topped fries (£7.50).

Chips are air-fried but miraculously crispy, well-seasoned and easily digestible. With such a heavy burger, it's a refreshing change from greasy fried chips. Affable owner Alfy says a lot of vegan food is deep-fried and unhealthy, something he wanted to avoid.

Sauces and chips

Sauces galore! - Credit: Frankie Lister-Fell

We sampled all of DoppleGanger's homemade sauces: garlic herb, kimchi mayo, Korean BBQ, kimchilli, and ketchup. Kimchi mayo stole the show - creamy, zesty and moreish.

salted caramel brownie milkshake with two large straws

Four scoops of salted caramel ice cream, oat milk and a homemade brownie blended together. - Credit: Frankie Lister-Fell

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The star of the meal was the salted caramel brownie cake shake (£8). It's everything you want from a milkshake. Decadent, chocolatey, satisfying and crowned with chunks of brownie. We could only stomach a mini version between two; a full-sized could be shared happily between four.