Highgate brothers ambassadors for their parents’ vegan, eco-friendly chocolate business

Play in Choc Advent Calendar and Boris Johson meeintg Max and Seb

Play in Choc Advent Calendar and Boris Johson meeintg Max and Seb - Credit: Archant

Max and Seb Simler took Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a tour of the Play in Choc factory where he praised their inventive Advent Calendars

Play in Choc Advent Calendar and Boris Johson meeintg Max and Seb

Play in Choc Advent Calendar and Boris Johson meeintg Max and Seb - Credit: Archant

Highgate brothers Max and Seb Simler are "ambassadors" for their parents' eco-friendly dairy-free chocolate business.

In the run up to Advent, the Northbridge House pupils gave Prime Minister Boris Johnson a guided tour of the chocolate factory in his Uxbridge constituency to see how the vegan, allergen-free treats are made.

Launched by Maya and Dominic Simler last year, Play in Choc are a kind of plastic-free Kinder Surprise featuring chocolate made with no refined sugars from just coconut, vanilla and cocoa beans.

Each box contains a cardboard animal figure to make with interesting educational facts.

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The 66 collectable ToyChoc boxes include a series of endangered animals, dinosaurs and woodland creatures.

The brand has already won a host of awards and been praised for its environmentally conscious 100 percent reyclable packaging.

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A 24 drawer advent calendar available from Ocado.com takes the idea a delightful stage further.

Each drawer contains a figure - from snowmen and Christmas trees to Father Christmas and a reindeer - plus cards with interesting fun facts.

Once opened, you turn the drawer around to build up a woodland scene - echoed in a playmat which you can pose your figures in front of.

If you are looking for a Christmas present for a vegan loved-one, the chocolate-only JustChoc boxes with organic Peruvian cacao are also on sale via Ocado.

During his tour the PM declared the chocolate "delicious" and the concept of the Advent calenders "inventive and brilliant".

Seb, 10, who like his mum and dad is lactose intolerant adds: "We describe it as a box that has chocolate and a toy that helps the environment and educates kids about different species.

"I like that anyone can enjoy it because it's free from most allergens, and the compostable packaging is important because billions of plastic pieces are in the oceans and we need to make a change."

Seb, who was excited and intrigued about the Prime Minister's visit, says: "My role is taste testing which is the best role and advising my mum about designs."

Max, 7, said: "My role as an ambassador is to tell people about the chocolate and hope they enjoy it."


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