UK's first no chicken nugget shop pops up in Camden Town


SmugNuggs pops up for just three days in Camden Town courtesy of Quorn - Credit: Joe Pepler/PinPep

The UK's first nugget-only takeaway opens in Camden Town this week with an entirely meat free menu.

‘SmugNuggs' opened its doors today (Thursday) in Kentish Town Road today for three days only with all the Quorn based meals free of charge.

In fact Quorn are behind the venture, claiming that every customer will experience ‘instant smugness’, as their takeaway is better for the planet than the meat alternatives, while being high in fibre and low in saturated fat. 


SmugNuggs is open from September 23-25 in Kentish Town Road - Credit: PA

Research by the company shows the carbon footprint for making their nuggets is at least 29 percent lower than typical chicken nuggets. Under titles such as Smug as a Nugg and Nuggs and Kisses, the shop is offering both vegan and vegetarian chicken shop classics including nugget boxes, sandwiches, burgers, kebabs, and a sharing bucket.


The meat free menu boasts the same offer as many chicken shops - Credit: PA

All are free but there's an option to make a donation to FoodCycle a charity which makes meals from food that would otherwise go to waste, for people living in social isolation and poverty.

Gill Riley, Marketing Director at Quorn, said: “We can’t wait to open the doors to the first-ever meat-free nugget takeaway restaurant and welcome in our nugg fans. You won’t believe it’s not chicken!”

The shop is open from September 23-25 from 12-8pm at 19, Kentish Town Road.