John Torode launches his new rosé on Haverstock Hill

John Torode at Wine Rack on Haverstock Hill launching his rose wine

John Torode at Wine Rack on Haverstock Hill launching his rose wine - Credit: Archant

Retailing at £9.99 a bottle, MT is made from pinot noir grapes grown in the Adelaide hills.

Clad in shorts, boots and a denim pinny, John Torode was busy dispensing wine, and bonhomie on Haverstock Hill.

The tanned and relaxed Masterchef presenter was staging a free cook out on the terrace outside Wine Rack as he launched his MT rosé.

Handing round plates of avocado and crab on sourdough, expertly flipping ribeye steaks, and encouraging neighbouring estate agents to “come over and I’ll pour you a glass” he spoke passionately about the Provence-style Aussie wine he’s created in collaboration with McGuigans.

“I love rosé and the reason I like it is there are no barriers,” says the Australian who lives in Muswell Hill with his actress girlfriend Lisa Faulkner.

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“I came to this country wanting things to be egalitarian. I really believe that whoever you are you can drink whatever you like wherever you like and however you like.

“Someone will bring a bottle of Chardonnay and they are judged. The good thing with rosé is no-one judges you.

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“It’s a wine for all people any time of day. If someone takes my rosé, puts three lumps of ice and fills it with soda water I would be happy.”

Retailing at £9.99 a bottle, MT is made from pinot noir grapes grown in the Adelaide hills and Torode was very much involved in creating the salmon-pink crisp and zesty wine in collaboration with winemaker Neil McGuigan.

“I went out to Adelaide, tried different grape varieties, approved the art work, bottle shape and we had discussions on the blend.”

Torode points out, it pairs well with a range of food – including the steak, and matches the bright flavours of the Asian slaw he was serving.

He’s also created a grilled squid with rocket salad recipe to pair with it.

“Food and wine are a great science,” he sats. “Your natural instinct with fish and chips is to put vinegar on them.

“That’s because it helps the digestive system and wine does the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s crab on toast or Asian coleslaw it will go with rose.”

As for his other job, as the current celebrity Masterchef reaches its climax, the 50-year-old says after more than a decade on the hugely popular show he still “loves” all three strands of it.

“We love to celebrate success,” he says of its enduring popularity.

“We love to see people achieve things and it’s different every year. Gregg and I are only the narrators, it’s all about the different people year on year and the different foods that define each series: it might be Japanese or Korean.

“I am always learning something. I’d be foolish if I didn’t.

“If you go through a day in your life when you haven’t learned something your day has been wasted.”

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