Bobby Fitzpatrick, West Hampstead, review: ‘Whoever Bobby was he throws a helluva party’

Bobby Fitzpatrick in West Hampstead

Bobby Fitzpatrick in West Hampstead - Credit: Archant

The team behind Heist Bank and Alice House have taken over La Brocca on West End Lane

Even through the rose tinted glasses of my childhood, the food and décor in the 70s was terrible and the music was great.

‘Let’s do the Timewarp’ we sang along to the Rocky Horror, and that’s just how it felt walking into Bobby Fitzpatrick, in West Hampstead.

The team behind Heist Bank and Alice House have taken over La Brocca on West End Lane and had great fun sourcing original formica tables, shag-pile carpets and browny-green swirly wallpaper to rig out Bobby’s kitchen, lounge and living room.

There’s a comfy retro appeal to sitting on a brown pouffe under a signed photo of Leo Sayer sipping sticky rum cocktails and eating soft white flour pizza from a time before sourdough and burrata. (Chicken tikka or doner kebab toppings an option.)

Surf the backlash against superfoods, kale and fancy foreign ingredients with a signature burger that comes with Red Leicester in the middle. Deep fried mushrooms had me reminiscing about my first waitressing job. Even the Panini football stickers on the Pina Colada slushie machine looked the ticket. Pineapple and prosecco rum punch served in the kind of bowl that used to house carkeys was a winner, but lay off too many cocktails or the sugar rush will have you dancing along to some of the great vintage tunes pumping into Bobby’s party pad.

As with any house party the kitchen was thronged at a venue that’s all about having fun. Whoever Bobby was he throws a helluva party.

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Bobby Fitzpatrick is at 273 West End Lane 02074331989

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