Coffee lovers can now find their next fix in a retired phonebox on Highgate High Street.

Mehtab Ahmad, 30, is the proud owner and sole barista of Coffee and Bean, which is in a telephone box near Waterlow Park.

Raised in Italy, Mehtab found a passion for coffee during his teenage years while working in several cafés in Rome.

However, the pandemic would later inspire him to quit his office job and pursue a full-time career in coffee.

Mehtab takes pride in chatting with his patrons and imports his coffee from southern Italy to ensure it is "authentic" and without a bitter aftertaste.

“I love coffee,” said Mehtab. “This is what I like to do; being out there connecting to people.

"It really did motivate me to start something unique.”

Coffee and Bean is open 8am to 5pm, Sunday to Monday.