Emma Thompson, Meera Syal and Kim Cattrall- just a few who have been in the spotlight at the Tricycle

The rich and famous who have visited the theatre cannot speak highly enough of the popular venue on its 30th birthday

West Hampstead actor Jim Carter says: “The Tricycle Theatre is an astonishing place. Whilst staying firmly rooted in its local community and keeping its feet firmly on the ground it has developed a unique and world renowned brand of theatre. That so much ground breaking work comes from such a small space is a testament to the skill and dedication of all who work there. Good luck Tricycle for the next 30 years. We need you and we love you.”

His wife and fellow award-winning actor Imelda Staunton OBE adds: “The Tricycle has consistently produced astonishing work – I remember only extraordinary productions which entertain, educate and blow you away. I feel very proud to be associated even in a small way to a theatre that remains true to itself in every way. Happy Birthday!”

Actor, writer and producer Meera Syal MBE says: “The Tricycle has established a unique reputation in British Theatre through its extraordinary and award-winning exploration of the current political and cultural issues in the zeitgeist.

“Whether it’s the war in Afghanistan, Women’s political presence or the military deaths at Deepcut Barracks, the Tricycle brings fierce intelligence and passion to all its productions. It’s what theatre is meant to do, make what matters accessible, relevant and rousing.”

Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, who has appeared in several productions at the Tricycle, including Fabulation and Playboy of the West Indies, says: “The Tricycle has augmented me as an actor and as a person each and every time I’ve performed there.

“It has an unflinching ethic (political, artistic and social) that has brought about plays in which I have had the most incredible, welcome, enhancing challenges. I’m an artist, an artist because of the Tricycle and happy to declare it.

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“UK Theatre of all sizes owe fealty to the Tricycle Theatre. It’s known globally for its muscular and urbane treatments of political events but less known is its extensive and unmatched work with the community and with young people. It also puts on perhaps the most interesting and socially diverse range of work of any other house, demonstrating and living the reality of a British theatre for now; The Tricycle knows that “now” changes year on year.”

She adds: “It’s a home from home as demonstrated by the fact that I can power nap in any part of building undisturbed. How friendly is that?!”