Artist with autism gets purr of approval from Grayson Perry

Cat with yellow eyes on pink background

Cat with yellow eyes on pink background - Credit: Rebekah Gavra

When Grayson Perry tweets about loving your work, then you know you are onto something.

Temple Fortune artist Rebekah Gavra's engaging, vibrant, images offer an insight into her world as a person with autism.

Her greatest wish is to contribute to society, but as mum Ruth Miller admits "it's far from easy". And they were both delighted when Islington-based Perry tweeted to thank Rebekah for her "great cat paintings for my mugs and bags". 

"I was amazed and very happy that Grayson liked my art, he is a lovely kind man," she said.

Artist Grayson Perry tweeted about Rebekah's work

Artist Grayson Perry tweeted about Rebekah's work - Credit: Supplied

"Painting is my favourite thing to do. I have always found it easier to express my feelings in my paintings than to speak words and language with people. It may have something to do with my Asberger's. I find painting very relaxing and positive and when I paint, I can show how I feel about the world I'm living in."

Rebekah adds: "Changes are tricky to manage and make me very anxious and worried. Noises and sudden sounds cause me sensory overload and scare me but I have learned to cope with these really well."

Cat with blue eyes

Blue Eyed Cat on a Green Background - Credit: Rebekah Gavra

Working between north London and Ruth's Dorset home, Rebekah loves using primary colours "because they are bright, cheerful, retro, harsh and funky". 

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"I like acrylic paints, watercolour, sometimes combined with pencil and even felt-tip to add shape and detail. I love to paint cats with striking eyes, as well as flowers and animals, rats and rodents and fairy-tale pictures for children."

Her interest in art was sparked by the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, Francis Bacon and Rembrandt: "I love his self-portrait in Kenwood house which I used to visit as a child."

Self portrait

Self portrait - Credit: Rebekah Gavra

Her hope for the future is to earn a living from her artwork as a "well known fine artist" or textile and homeware designer: "To sell it all over the world and see my art printed on lots of things like blankets, curtains, wallpaper, pillows, clothes, sofas."

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