Joyful art celebrates lockdown easing

Artist Lucy Jagger with one of her post lockdown paintings titled Santorini

Artist Lucy Jagger with one of her post lockdown paintings titled Santorini - Credit: Courtesy of the artist

Paintings viewed through the window of a community arts venue are aimed at bringing JOY as lockdown eases.

Lucy Jagger's installations at Uthink Hampstead Creative - which can be safely viewed from the street - will be the first on a rota by emerging artists. Other north London artists, designers and makers will then get the chance to share their work at the venue at 551-557 Finchley Road.

Installed from April 14, Jagger's “JOY” paintings are reminiscent of Henri Matisse's cut outs and designed to celebrate the easing of pandemic restrictions. She explained that the inspiration came during lockdown and she wanted to "use abstraction to produce a calming, unifying effect".

“I was looking at a map of the world and thinking about how connected or disconnect we are as people, cultures and countries. I ripped up the map and applied bright colours to the torn sections. I then threw the sections in the air and photographed the various compositions. From these photos I then made unique paintings.”

She intends them as "a metaphor for how people and territories can come together in infinite ways and create something new, bright and uplifting."

The space will host other shows throughout the year and private viewings can also be arranged. Wearable artwork brand Rain On Me is currently on display in the Studio Shop, and from May 4-31 Heini King will be curating “By the Window”.

Uthink PDP is a charity that makes art and creativity accessible for all as a tool to support community development and vulnerable adults.

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