Abstract paintings tell of life's turbulent journey

Artist Joanna Gilbert exhibits at Highgate's Avivson Gallery

Artist Joanna Gilbert exhibits at Highgate's Avivson Gallery - Credit: Rob Shinn

Joanna Gilbert stages her third solo show at Highgate's Avivson Gallery which reflects on life's turbulent journey.

The show, titled RELIEF, features large colourful abstracts that conjure images of waves and stormy seas and use an almost sculptural impasto texture to symbolise the trials and events of life.

Gilbert, who has been inspired by graffiti and street art, uses spray paint in her works as well as applying, removing and reapplying paint in layers that appear and disappear.

Joanna Gilbert in her studio

Joanna Gilbert in her studio - Credit: Rob Shinn

Her paintings also reference rebirth, hope and alignment she explains: "RELIEF is about highlighting the texture of life and exploring how if we have perspective we see it as a journey not a destination.

"If the pandemic has shown me one thing it is how we innocently outsource our wellbeing to factors outside us.

"To really feel a deep sense of security, we need to in-source. The most important connection to have, is with ourselves. When we insightfully see this, we can live in our wellbeing no matter what life throws at us. 

"Understanding this will shift a person from feeling a powerless victim, to feeling empowered and liberated."

Joanna Gilbert

Artist Joanna Gilbert exhibits at Highgate's Avivson Gallery - Credit: Rob Shinn

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While working part-time for young person’s mental health charity, iheart, Gilbert learned first-hand how an understanding of where our mental wellbeing resides can become the catalyst for personal growth. Translating this to canvas she used texture to symbolise the trials and tribulations of life.

“I see this collection as a representational perspective on how we can take on any of life’s challenges and still be ok. I wanted to share this message as it will be a relief for many."

RELIEF runs May 26-June 30 at Avivson Gallery, 49, Highgate High Street with a meet the artist private view on May 29 1-5pm.

Visit www.avivsongallery.com