Holocaust Memorial Day: Hampstead pupils in Stoppard drama

Lexi Hudaly, Shoshana and Tom Stoppard

Lexi Hudaly and Shoshana who plays Mimi, with Leopoldstadt playwright Tom Stoppard. They appear in an NT Live screening of the play on Holocaust Memorial Day - Credit: Lori Hudaly

Hampstead pupils who appeared in Tom Stoppard's Olivier award-winning play Leopoldstadt will watch a screening at The Everyman on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Directed by Patrick Marber, the poignant story follows an extended Viennese Jewish family through the turbulent first half of the 20th Century. Filmed in front of an audience at Wyndham's Theatre, the NT Live screening takes place UK-wide on January 27.

Taking a curtain call for Leopoldstadt

Taking a curtain call for Leopoldstadt at Wyndham's Theatre - Credit: Lori Hudaly

Many of the child actors who were in the play - including the six children in the NT Live film - are attending the Hampstead screening. Noa Alberts, Lexi Hudaly and Ollie Kohn all live in Hampstead. Noa's mum Karen Katz said it was a "powerful, moving play which the children loved participating in".

Noa Alberts in costume on the set of Leopoldstadt

Noa Alberts in costume on the set of Leopoldstadt - Credit: Karen Katz

“Leopoldstadt brings to life a tragic time in Jewish history," she said. "It was wonderful to see Noa on stage in a play by Tom Stoppard, but it's also quite an eerie feeling seeing your little daughter as a child caught up in such momentous events and a reminder to us all where any type or prejudice can end."

Lexi, who plays a character caught up in the Holocaust, said the play not only shows what happened to Jewish people but also helps them understand "Jews are just normal people".

"I felt sad to see how Jewish people were treated and especially to think about how scared the children must have been. It was such a horrible time. But having the opportunity to be in a play about it and spend time thinking about it was a very meaningful experience," she said.

The children in costume for their parts in Tom Stoppard's Leopoldstadt

Ollie Kohn and Lexi Hudaly in costume for their parts in Tom Stoppard's Leopoldstadt - Credit: Supplied

"It's important to show children the history of Judaism and make Jewish children proud of where they've come from. I appreciate how special it is to be Jewish because our ancestors had to go through so much to make sure our beautiful traditions survived. I am proud and will never be embarrassed to call myself Jewish."