Late Hampstead collector’s pomegranate Moorcroft tea set fetches record breaking price

Moorcroft Pottery sold for a record amount by Dawsons auctioneers

Moorcroft Pottery sold for a record amount by Dawsons auctioneers - Credit: Archant

Heath Street auctioneers Dawsons achieved a superb result when the late Valerie Cook’s collection of Moorcroft pottery went under the hammer this week

A set of Moorcroft pottery owned by a Hampstead collector has achieved a record amount under the hammer.

The star of Wednesday’s sale was a rare 1912 William Moorcroft three piece tea set decorated with a band of pomegranates that fetched a record-breaking £15,400.

All 64 lots were once owned by the late private collector Valerie Cook, and the sale was broadcast live over the internet by Hampstead-based auctioneers Dawsons.

Richard Harrison curated and ran the auction, taking bids online and by telephone from buyers in the USA, Ireland, Europe and the UK

Initial bidding was strong online, quickly rising to £10,000. Then two telephone clients battled it out, with the winning bidder a passionate UK based private collector.

He said: “It has been a real pleasure handling, researching and putting this auction together. I am so pleased that we achieved such great prices for our client”.

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Ahead of the sale he said: “Even now, after 30 plus years in the business there is still a feeling of trepidation upon knocking on a door, wondering what’s behind it.

“One such visit took me to a beautiful Hampstead property where gracing the glazed display shelves was one of the best private collections of Moorcroft pottery I’ve encountered - early pieces of rich red flambe beside more subtle pieces with hues of blue and green dating to the early part of the 20th century.

“Valerie Cook came to collecting Moorcroft over the last couple of decades attracted by the wide variety of colours and shapes produced, she also loved the extremely tactile nature of the pots, fine tuning her collection to pieces that ‘spoke to her’. “The collection was brought together by attending fairs and auctions in Yorkshire and London, expanding her knowledge and expertise along the way.”

“Valerie was never one for making a fuss, preferring to remain anonymous she often asked a friend to finalise the deal or bid on her behalf. Like any good collector Valerie quickly progressed from the more common pieces to hunting down the often-elusive rarer pieces. Such was the love for her collection she could give detailed accounts of when and where each piece was purchased.”

The late collector also had a passion for teddy bears and Harrison was led to a bedroom where he was “met by 170 teddy bears with household names such as Steiff, Merrythought and Dean’s Rag Doll Co - another serious collection, that had taken years to bring together.

“Sadly her collecting was cut short but I was pleased to learn it was her wish that this superb collection was dispersed in a dedicated sale. Dawsons’ were pleased to fulfil Valerie’s wish.”

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