Hidden Treasures at Dawsons Auctioneers

Jewellery sold by Dawsons Auctioneers

Jewellery sold by Dawsons Auctioneers - Credit: Archant

Head of Jewellery at Hampstead auctioneers Dawsons describes finding a treasure trove of vintage gems being sold by a local family

Jewellery expert at Dawson's Rachel Hutchinson

Jewellery expert at Dawson's Rachel Hutchinson - Credit: Archant

Dawsons Auctioneers London offices are in the heart of beautiful Hampstead and have become important to many members of the community here.

Over the years, we have encountered lots of local people with wonderful items of value and equally interesting stories to go with them. Our team of specialists have visited hundreds of homes to provide valuations and advice on many pieces of fine art, antiques, jewellery, watches and much more.

As Head of Jewellery, a story of note came my way just before lockdown; when a routine phone call requesting a house visit in Hampstead was accompanied with an apology for any wasted time. In the words of the regretful local resident; “most of the items are probably simply costume jewellery that I have picked up over the years”.

Happy to have the opportunity to pore over lots of interesting jewellery, I agreed a convenient time to meet at their house. As soon as I sat down and began working my way through their items, it became apparent that the “costume jewellery” was actually a beautiful array of antique and vintage items. I became more and more excited to find piece after piece of fine antique jewellery; Georgian gold chains now believed to be out of fashion, Victorian old-cut diamonds in rings and brooches which they had believed to be paste; it was a delightful treasure trove that had been hidden away in the loft for years.

Delivering the news about their jewellery to the owners was lovely, and the look of surprise on their faces… priceless! Not only are these pieces still highly in vogue, but the market for antique jewellery is stronger than ever.

The owners were delighted, and after providing a list of agreeable estimates, I entered this collection of exquisite lots into our next auction. From their boxes gathering dust in Hampstead, the team at Dawsons ensured these fine jewels ended up with eager collectors all over the world; and will be worn for decades to come.

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The collection achieved £48,000 at auction and my clients (and new best friends!) said it would all go to their grandchildren.

The lovely thing about antique jewellery is its versatility; with so many styles and options, it can be worn in any number of ways, from everyday items to add a little sparkle to an outfit, to treasured investment pieces worn on special occasions.

This particular collection represented another era of London fashion, another century.

We are now providing clients with a range of options to sell with us, including remote video valuations, Covid-safe house visits, and collection and delivery.

Dawsons are international fine art, antiques and jewellery auctioneers and valuers, with the expertise to help and would love to hear from you.